There space a lot of pre-packed coffee brands like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Costa Coffee, black color Label, etc but there’s a famous trend once it involves brewed coffee and also that tendency is to make the most caffeinated cup imaginable.

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The trend started in 2013 when death Wish Coffee, began sourcing better-tasting very caffeinated robusta coffee beans and also using castle in their dark roast coffee.

The coffee that most are accustomed to is made from arabica bean which frequently have far better flavor however a reduced caffeine concentration.

Today these very caffeinated coffee brands are popping up everywhere and even completing for the title of “world’s strongest cup the coffee.” However, that is important to keep in mind that a “strong tasting” coffee doesn’t have to mean an ext caffeine. Bean Poet walk a an excellent job the explaining the difference here.

For this article, strongest = greatest in caffeine.

Use ours Coffee Dosage Calculator come determine exactly how much of this coffees is safe for you.

12+ exceptionally Caffeinated Coffee Brands


Black label – evil one Mountain Coffee Company

Caffeine: 1555 mg every 12 fl oz brewed

Bean type: no Listed

Black Label just may it is in the world’s most dangerous cup and also has blown the competition the end of the water with its mix of very caffeinated beans. Human being need to it is in extremely careful when drink this one and also not just be very tolerant to caffeine but also have a low sensitivity come the caffeine molecule.

This organic coffee is accessible from Amazon.com


Very strong Coffee – an excellent British Trading

Caffeine: 1350 mg every 12 fl oz (340 ml) brewed

Bean type: 100% Robusta

Very solid Coffee is the most dangerous cup in the UK and offers a large dose the caffeine for those who simply don’t acquire a lift from regular coffee anymore.

This solid coffee is easily accessible from Amazon.com.


Devils Brew extreme Caffeine Coffee (UK)

Caffeine: 1325-1350 mg every 12 fl oz brewed

Bean type: Robusta (ethically sourced)

This UK brand is nice powerful. They likewise sell a Rocket Fuel blend. Us tried both of this blends and posted our evaluation here.

Devils Brew excessive Caffeine Coffee is easily accessible on Amazon in choose countries and on their website…


High Voltage Coffee (AU)

Caffeine: 1150 mg per 12 fl oz brewed

Bean type: no Listed

This Australian brand is the strongest coffee in Australia follow to their recent lab report from Australia’s nationwide Measurement Institute. They additionally claim to use a bean blend the doesn’t taste bitter favor some of the very caffeinated coffees do.

High Voltage Coffee is accessible to Australians just on your website…


Black Insomnia

Caffeine: 1105 mg every 12 fl oz brewed

Bean type: 80% Robusta 20% Arabica

Black Insomnia source in south Africa but is easily accessible around the world. A stronger blend was produced in 2018 causing the massive caffeine fight they at this time serve.

Available from Amazon.com


Maximum Charge- Cannonball Coffee (UK)

Caffeine: 1101 mg per 12 liquid ounces brewed

Bean type: Robusta

Maximum charge takes the prize for the most caffeinated UK coffee and it also is close come the world’s many dangerous cup.

This coffee is easily accessible from Amazon UK.



Caffeine: 928 mg per 12 fl oz brewed

Bean type: Robusta

Biohazard to be so proud of their coffee they even had that tested for caffeine levels and sent us the lab report. With almost 1 gram that caffeine in a cup, this is an excellent if you desire to remain awake the totality night,

Biohazard coffee is available on Amazon.


Death Wish

Caffeine: 728 mg per 12 fl oz brewed

Bean type: Robusta

Death wish sparked the “world’s the strongest coffee” trend v its super Bowl advertisement a few years ago but has since conjured increase a most competition. Things obtained so cook that competitors even contested the caffeine lab analysis. Everyone demands to sit down and have a cup that tea…

Death Wish additionally has a tool roast for those who like greater caffeine yet less intense flavor indigenous the roasting. It’s sourced native Robusta and Arabica beans.

Death wish is obtainable from Amazon.com


Sons of Amazon (UK)

Caffeine: 660 mg per 12 fl oz brewed

Bean type: no listed

Sons of Amazon is easily accessible in the UK. It’s made utilizing a mix of ethically sourced coffee beans from the Amazon region.


Killer Coffee (AU)

Caffeine: 645 mg every 12 fl oz brewed (350 ml)

Bean type: Arabica

Killer Coffee is Australia’s deadliest brew. It’s exciting that they obtain such high quantities of caffeine from only Arabica coffee beans.

Folks in Australia can gain it from their site.


Gunpowder Coffee

Caffeine: 644 mg every 12 fl oz brewed

Bean type: Unknown

Gunpowder Coffee claims to have the “best tasting” world’s the strongest coffee.


Fire department Coffee

Caffeine: 500 mg every 12 fl oz brewed

Fire department Coffee was began by a group of veterans and firefighters. They sell several different roasts and blends but their solid coffee is called Stipe Miocic. It has actually 2x the caffeine of continuous coffee. 10% of every proceeds support very first responders.

See an ext about Stipe Miocic.


Banned Coffee

Caffeine: 474 mg every 12 fluid ounces brewed

Bean type: Arabica and Robusta

Banned Coffee provides a blend of bean in hopes of improving the flavor profile of your “world’s strongest coffee.”

By the way, banned Coffee was never banned, and neither is that the world’s strongest coffee.

Get if from Amazon.com


GymBrew Renegade

Caffeine: 333 mg per 12 fl oz brewed

Bean type: mix of Robusta and Arabica

GymBrew is made by runner Bean Coffee Roasters out of the UK. It’s geared in the direction of consumers using it as a pre-workout drink.

Available from their website


Shock Coffee

Caffeine: No particular amount but claims to be 50% more powerful than continual brewed coffee.

Bean type: Arabica and also Robusta

Shock Coffee is a classic. We also reviewed the wayyyyyy back in 2010. It to be the initial “strong” coffee, yet has disappeared right into the wilderness.

You deserve to still obtain it native Amazon.com and also may in reality be a an excellent place to begin if you desire to go into the coffee eight race.


Bones Coffee High Voltage

Caffeine: No particular amount however claims to 2x the caffeine of continuous brewed coffee

Bean type: not listed

Bones Coffee is accessible through your website.


Atomic Coffee

Caffeine: No certain amount noted but insurance claims to be 50% stronger than continuous brewed coffee.

Bean type: Arabica

Atomic Coffee is obtainable on your website and also on Amazon.


Perk increase Coffee

Caffeine: They list 408 mg per 12 fl oz because that brewed and 262 mg per 12 fl oz because that drip (filter) coffee.

Bean type: no listed

Perk increase is available from yellow Star Coffee.


Double madness Coffee

Caffeine: castle say dual the caffeine however then also say 4x the caffeine that a conventional cup?

Bean type: no listed

This brand is because that sale by the Patriot Depot.


Red Goat Coffee

Caffeine: 3x the caffeine of standard coffee yet a more precise amount isn’t listed.

Bean type: no listed

Red Goat Coffee likewise claims to it is in “the world’s strongest” yet we weren’t maybe to uncover a critical caffeine amount.

Preparation Method

With all of these coffees, the highest caffeine is discovered with the brewed coffee method. This is a method in which water continues to be in call with the soil coffee for an extended duration of time.

Drip/filter, Keurig, and even espresso approaches won’t produce the highest caffeine amounts. Only one brand above, Perk Up, make this clean in their advertising.

Is This kind of Coffee yes, really Deadly?

Just around all of this brands will deliver much more caffeine in one serving than is encourage by leading wellness organizations together a everyday safe dose. For the average adult, this is 400 mg.

This form of coffee generally appeals to those that have built up a high yongin to caffeine (serious caffeine addicts) or those who have actually a normally low sensitivity to the caffeine molecule.

Anyone else that consumes this ultra-caffeinated coffees could experience overdose symptoms and even major reactions if they exceed much more than one serving.

Caffeine is a drug and there are serious consequences that result from consuming too much. Human being have died from caffeine overdose and also thousands more have sought help from emergency rooms after overdosing.

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We recommend the these commodities be avoided uneven you are 100% certain that your body have the right to tolerate the excessive amount of caffeine the they room delivering.


Robusta coffee is around 83% greater in caffeine that standard coffee. Exactly how much caffeine is in her favorite brewing method?