First, we check the stamp, identify marker, or carats the the item. If over there is no stamp, we will professionally test and evaluate her material.With decades of endure in the field, us are professionals at determining her item’s worth.

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Then, us will closely examine jewelry because that the high quality of stones, and also coins because that numismatic rarity. These variables can considerably exceed the worth of the basic materials. We consult many reference materials for unique or unexplained items.



Last, we will make an offer based upon current industry prices and resale value. All of our provides are based upon fair and also honest prices. Upon agree our offer, you can leave as a solve customer v cash or a inspect in hand.

We purchase All rare Coins

Copper half Cents

Copper large Cents

Flying Eagle & Indian Cents

Lincoln cent (pre 1934)

Shield Nickels

Liberty Nickels & Buffalo Nickels

Half Dimes

Quarters (pre 1965)

Half dollars (pre 1970)

Morgan & peace Silver dollars (pre 1936)

All US and also Foreign gold & silver- Coins

and more!


We Buy all Collectible document Money

Federal reserve Notes

Federal financial institution Reserve Notes

Legal tender Notes

Silver Certificates

Gold Certificates

National bank Notes

Error Notes

Fractional Currency

Obsolete Notes

Colonial Currency

and more!


We additionally Buy jewel &Watches

We buy any kind of gold, silver- or platinum jewelry,including broken earrings,tangled chains and also even gold teeth. Additionally, we purchase sterling silver- flatware, hole ware & tea sets. We are strong buyers that designer jewelry from brands favor James Avery andTiffany and also Co. And also vintage indigenous American jewelry.

We likewise purchase vintage and also luxury wrist and also pocket watches. Examples of brands us regularly handle are Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Tudor, Cartier and also Seiko.

We purchase pocket watches, running or not and also have a strong market, particularly for Men"s watches.

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Unsure If us Buy her Items?

Contact us anyways! Also, us buy army collectibles including: hats, badges, knives, bayonets, and also medals. If friend think it’s worth something, contact us now! We have spent numerous dollars end the year on obscure and unique items ranging from bag watches to old playthings to vintage comic books.