Colbie Caillat and Justin Young to visit the 67th yearly BMI nation Awards ~ above November 12, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. Stephen Lovekin/ShutterstockIt’s over. Colbie Caillat announced her split from longtime love Justin Young after ~ 10 year together.

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The “Bubbly” singer, 34, confirmed the end of she years-long romance via Instagram top top Thursday, April 2. The breakup indicated that the exes have called off their engagement as well.

“This is difficult for united state to share, however we want to be ethical with you all. After 10 wonderful years, Justin and I have ended our relationship,” a joint blog post from the former pair read. “We began out as finest friends and also we will proceed to be ideal friends. And also we will continue to work and make music together, as we constantly have.”

The separation statement continued, “It will certainly be hard, yet oftentimes the hard an option is the right choice and the course that will permit each of united state to relocate forward and to grow. We continue to be overwhelmed through gratitude for our love and also time together.”

Young, 41, posted the same statement come his very own Instagram page.

The previous couple began dating while touring with each other in 2009, the year she released her second studio album, Breakthrough. The Hawaii native was Caillat’s guitarist and also musical director.

Speaking come Billboard about Young in June 2011, Caillat admitted that their romance came as “a surprise” to both that them. “He was the male who warms me up and also talks with the band, therefore we had actually to work-related together more than we ever before had,” she explained at the time. “And all of a sudden, ns noticed ns would adjust my outfit a few times before I would certainly rehearse with him.

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The Grammy winner continued, “I would gain butterflies as soon as he would walk on the tour bus or as soon as he’d speak to me or anything choose that. We at some point talked around it, and also then we started dating.”

Young proposed to Caillat in might 2015 while they were vacationing in Bermuda for the “Realize” singer’s 30th birthday. “This sweet male asked me to it is in his lobster….and I claimed yes :),” she captioned the Instagram update, express Friends’ referral for soulmates in the engagement post’s caption.


Colbie Caillat and Justin Young Courtesy that Colbie Caillat/Instagram

Thereafter, the “Lucky” singer told alphabet News Radio in July 2015 the she wanted their wedding come not have “stress associated or a the majority of pressure.”

“For mine wedding day, ns don’t really desire it to be choose this substantial ceremony where I tension out and also everything has to be perfect, ‘cause I’ve seen it take place to a the majority of my friends,” she explained. “So we’re make the efforts to number out a really creative, unique means to make it fun but straightforward and small.”

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