Lowest Temperatures

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the United claims was -80 degrees Fahrenheit (-62 degrees Celsius) top top January 23, 1971 at possibility Creek Camp, located near the Arctic Circle along the Alaska pipeline. This is not lot warmer than the -81.4 °F document low for North America that Snag in the Yukon dropped to on February 3, 1947. ~ above that very cold February day, Tanacross Alaska got to -75 °F.

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The reduced 48 states of the united state hit their official coldest temperature the -70 °F on January 20, 1954 in ~ Rogers Pass, Montana. The pass sits in ~ 5,470 feet (1,667 metres) elevation in the Rocky Mountains, northwest that Helena.

States in America wherein temperatures have actually dropped to -50 °F (-45 °C) or reduced at least onceLocation°F°CDate
Prospect Creek Camp, Alaska -80-62.2Jan 23, 1971
Rogers Pass, Montana -70-56.7Jan 20, 1954
Peter"s Sink, Utah -69-56.1 Feb 1, 1985
Riverside RS, Wyoming -66-54.4 Feb 9, 1933
Maybell, Colorado -61-51.7 Feb 1, 1985
Island Park Dam, Idaho -60-51.1 Jan 18, 1943
Tower, Minnesota -60-51.1 Feb 2, 1996
Parshall, north Dakota -60-51.1 Feb 15, 1936
McIntosh, south Dakota -58-50.0 Feb 17, 1936
Tetonia, Idaho -57-49.4 Feb 9, 1933
Couderay, Wisconsin -55-48.3 Feb 4, 1996
Seneca, Oregon -54-47.8 Feb 10, 1933
Old Forge, brand-new York -52-46.7 Feb 18, 1979
Vanderbilt, Michigan-51-46.1Feb 9, 1934
Bloomfield, Vermont -50-45.6 Dec 30, 1933
big Black River, Maine -50-45.6 Jan 16, 2009
Gavilan, new Mexico -50-45.6 Feb 1, 1951
Mount Washington, brand-new Hampshire -50-45.6Jan 22, 1885
San Jacinto, Nevada -50-45.6Jan 8, 1937

Coldest Weather every Year

The coldest climate year-round in the United claims is ~ above Alaska"s north coast, along the Beaufort Sea. This an ar has annual temperature averages of approximately 12 °F (-11 °C).

Outside that Alaska, just 4 places among 7,200 weather stations median a year-round temperature that"s listed below freezing. The optimal of mountain Washington in brand-new Hampshire has the coldest climate over the year.

Many the the twenty coldest places are close to the Continental division in Colorado or in and also around Yellowstone national Park. They all have actually an annual mean temperature of much less than 35 °F (1.7 °C).

Of the 4 towns the make this list, the coldest is Crested Butte in Colorado, a recreation resort located high in the mountains. Leadville and also West Yellowstone room other mountain towns that rank among the nation"s coldest spots.

In fact all places however one amongst the coldest 20 are at high elevations. The outlier is Embarrass, Minnesota, a rural center north that Duluth in St louis County, near Lake Vermilion. At 1,400 feet (427 m), it"s the just site here that"s below 6,000 feet (1,829 m).

Places in the lower 48 states with the shortest average yearly temperatureLocation°F°C
Mt Washington, new Hampshire27.4-2.6
Climax Mine, Colorado30.6-0.8
Darwin Ranch, Wyoming31.0-0.6
Bonham-Wells Reservoir, Colorado31.4-0.3
Wolf Creek Ski Area, Colorado33.20.7
Mt Evans field Station, Colorado33.40.8
Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming33.40.8
Crested Butte, Colorado33.81.0
Electric Lake, Utah33.81.0
Daniel Fish Hatchery, Wyoming34.01.1
Burgess Junction, Wyoming34.11.2
Leadville, Colorado34.21.2
Old Faithful, Wyoming34.21.2
Yellowstone Park southern Entrance, Wyoming34.41.3
West Yellowstone, Montana34.41.3
Embarrass, Minnesota34.51.4
Taylor Park Reservoir, Colorado34.61.4
Bondurant, Wyoming34.71.5
Blowhard Mountain, Utah34.81.6
Cooke City-Silver Gate, Montana34.91.6

The mean yearly temperatures provided here are long-term historic averages, based on weather data built up from 1981 come 2010 because that the NOAA"s nationwide Climatic Data Center.

Places the Most regularly Have freeze Temperatures

The ar in the United states that most regularly drops listed below freezing is no in the far north, together you"d expect. Rather it"s in California, a state known much more for warmth 보다 incessant cold.

Bodie lies in ~ 8,369 feet (2,551 metres) elevation close to the Nevada border, phibìc of Mono Lake. The former mining town also has more days of frost than anywhere in Alaska. No surprisingly, world gave up on living in Bodie and it"s now a ghost town.

Still, not all places that generally freeze are remote or abandoned. Several at this time inhabited towns incorporate Stanley, Fraser, Wisdom, Leadville, Silverton and Dillon.

Places in the USA outside of Alaska with temperatures of 32 °F or much less on 270 or much more days a yearLocationFreezing Days
Bodie, California308
Darwin Ranch, Wyoming298
Stanley, Idaho292
Fraser, Colorado288
Fremont Forest, near fort Rock, Oregon288
Charleston Reservoir, Nevada281
Yellowstone Park southern Entrance, Wyoming280
Wisdom, Montana277
Daniel Fish Hatchery, Wyoming276
Wise River, Montana275
Warren, Idaho275
Dixie, Idaho County, Idaho274
Leadville, Colorado273
Climax Mine, Colorado273
Wild steed Reservoir, Nevada272
Silverton, Colorado271
Dillon, Colorado271
Antero Reservoir, Colorado270
State woodland State Park, Colorado270

Most Days with Coldest Temperature

On any solitary day, the hill town the Stanley, Idaho is most frequently the coldest ar in the states exterior of Alaska. Stanley is nestled in the middle of the Sawtooth national Recreation Area in ~ 6,260 feet (1,908 metres) elevation.

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Top ten spots for the many days from 1995 come 2005 with the lowest temperature in the contiguous USLocationDays
Stanley, Idaho398
West Yellowstone, Montana337
Gunnison, Colorado170
Truckee, California161
Alamosa, Colorado142
Saranac Lake, new York128
Jackson, Wyoming109
Berlin, new Hampshire92
Fraser, Colorado91
Wisdom, Montana91


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