What space the top 5 coldest cities in the unified States? Here"s the list, based upon average temperatures, according to the national Weather Service. Walk this surprise you?

"No matter just how long the winter, feather is certain to follow."

Top 5 Coldest Cities

For this list, we"re no looking in ~ the cities that have experienced the coldest temperatures, but rather the cities that have actually been the most consistently frigid. Let"s count them down! (Note: This list is based upon data from in between January 1 and also February 1, 2019, and also only consists of cities that are monitored through the nationwide Weather Service.)

5. Fargo, phibìc Dakota

Starting turn off the list is the frozen city of Fargo, north Dakota, made renowned by the 1996 movie of the very same name. Fargo is recognized to it is in cold and this winter has been no different, through an mean low temperature the -2°F and also an average high of 15°F. The all at once average temperature because that January come in at a respectable 6°F, i beg your pardon nabs Fargo the fifth place spot. The lowest temperature on document is -39°F.

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4. Grand Forks, north Dakota

Less 보다 100 mile north of Fargo lies cool Forks, ND, i beg your pardon takes 4th place on our perform this year. The median low in January was-8°F and the typical high to be 12°F, if the overall average to be a chilly2°F. Grand Forks" lowest temperature on record is-43°F.

3. Worldwide Falls, Minnesota

Despite some seriously cold nights in so late January (reaching -46°F at one point!), international Falls, Minnesota, has actually experienced a reasonably balanced winter, v an average low that -11°F and an mean high of 11°F in January. This put the city in ~ a nice and even 0°F overall.

2. Fairbanks, Alaska

It need to come together no surprise that several of America"s coldest cities room locatedin that northernmost state,Alaska. In Fairbanks,the median low temperature wasanose hair–freezing -16°F (January), through an average high that 3°F. Many thanks to some super-cold days and also nights, the typical temperature in January wasonly -7°F. For those interested in records, the lowest temperature on record is -66°F.

1. Barrow, Alaska

If friend want constant winter cold, relocate to Barrow, Alaska. Barrow, situated atthe an extremely northern pointer of the state, takes first place on our Coldest cities list so far this winter.The mean low temperaturewas -14°F, i m sorry is actually 2 degrees greater than that of Fairbanks. However, whereby Barrow "shines" iswith its mean high temperature of just -3°F! This offered Barrow an median of -8°F in January—just low sufficient to take it the win.

See the complete list of typical temperatures indigenous January 2019here, or view even much more temperature and precipitation data here, courtesy of the national Weather Service.

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Other Cold cities to Watch

To add interest, let"s highlight a few other wintry U.S. Cities. If you"re planning any type of winter vacations, keep an eye on the weather in these places!

Boston, MassachusettsNor"easter storms interpret to heavy rainfall, snow, and freezing temperatures. Thanks to the angry nor"easters, Boston has experienced some of the peak blizzards in the past century.Chicago, IllinoisThe "Windy City" (which isn"t actually that windy) has actually one the the coldest typical temperatures and some that the most heavy snowfalls.Many of the worst storms in history have struggle Chicago.Cleveland, OhioDue come its ar near Lake Erie, Cleveland it s okay hit difficult by lake-effect snow, winds, and also subzero temperatures.Detroit, MichiganWith end 40 customs of eye every winter, ~ above average, Detroit likewise ranks as among the coldest U.S. Cities.Indianapolis, IN and Columbus, OHBoth midwestern urban have many similarities, consisting of the low normal daily mean temperature in winter months, countless frigid days, and also fierce winds.Milwaukee, WisconsinNot only does this city rank high ~ above snowfall and also have low average winter temperatures, however it"s also below freeze on your typical winter day.

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