If you"re in search of a warm getaway this winter, chances are girlfriend might an initial look to Florida or Texas. But the U.S. Is a large place, and there"s a most variation in temperature even in between cities in the same state. We"ve compiled a perform of the warmest and also coldest urban in each state, so you recognize which locations to add to your location list, and which ones you might be able to cross off. 

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All average yearly temperatures are compiled from weather data built up from 1981 come 2010 and reported on present Results. In the event of a tie for the coldest or warmest city in a specific state, we"ve featured the city wherein both the typical high and low win out other cities.

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The average high temperature in mobile is a balmy 78 degrees. A couple of other cities, likewise on the Gulf in the southern component of the state, have the exact same average, therefore if you"re trying to find warmth, head come the coast.

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The northern component of the state holds the city through the lowest average temperature: Decatur. It only gets down to an average of 50 degrees during the year.

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Alaska"s warmest typical high (52) is found on Annette Island. It"s located in the much southeastern part of the state, close to the border through British Columbia.

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Not surprisingly, the city with the coldest median temps in Alaska is in ~ its northernmost point. The average in Barrow (also recognized by the classic Inupiaq surname Utqiagvik) during the winter is simply 6 degrees, despite that"s a much cry from the coldest temperature ever recorded in the U.S.: minus 80 levels in Alaska"s prospect Creek in 1971.

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All the Arizona"s hottest mean temps come in the an extremely western component of the state. Yuma, Parker, and Bullhead City all have actually an average yearly high temp that 89 degrees, however that"s nothing contrasted to the document high in Arizona the 128 degrees, which was tape-recorded in Lake Havasu City in 1994.

You can think the Arizona together hot anywhere year-round, however the median low in Flagstaff is a it will be cold 32 degrees.

The little town of Eudora in the very southeast corner of the state has actually an average high temp the 77 degrees. You"d have to travel to the city of Ozark to find the spot through the highest record temp in ~ 120 degrees in 1936.

The birthplace the Walmart is the city through the lowest mean temps in Arkansas. Bentonville averages 45 levels in winter.

Just north of the mexico border top top the eastern fifty percent of the state you"ll uncover California"s greatest average temp of 88 degrees in El Centro. The greatest recorded temperature in the U.S. Was likewise recorded in California"s aptly named furnace Creek in 1913. It to be 134 degrees on July 10. 

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The typical low in California doesn"t go listed below 46 degrees in most of the state, consisting of at Petaluma and Santa Rosa. Talk about mild winters.

North that Denver and also just eastern of the Rockies is wherein you"ll find the city that Greeley, wherein the average temperature in summer is 69 degrees, tied through Pueblo simply to the south.

At an elevation of virtually 9,000 feet in the Rockies, Crested Butte takes the trophy because that coldest average temps in ~ 18 degrees. It"s also great for skiing.

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A city on lengthy Island Sound documents the greatest average summer temperature in Connecticut. Stamford just reaches an median of 63 degrees during the sexy months.

Norfolk, in the northwestern component of the state and not far from the border the Massachusetts, is the coolest city. The mean low over there is 36 degrees.

A city in the northern component of Delaware has actually the highest average temps at 67 degrees. It"s insulated from the Delaware River and also Bay, i m sorry keeps the southern component of the state cool.

Newark likewise shares the lowest average temperature of 45 degrees together with Milford. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Delaware was -17 degrees way back in 1893 in Millsboro.

The warmest average temperature the a Florida city is 85 degrees, at both fort Myers and also Naples. The imperial Palm visitor facility in Everglades national Park records the greatest non-city median temp in ~ 89 degrees.

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A city simply north the Eglin Air force Base in the Florida panhandle takes the cake for the coldest city in the state with an typical low of 53 degrees. And if friend think it never gets listed below zero in Florida, think again. The coldest temp videotaped was -2 degrees in Tallahassee in 1899.

Landlocked Thomasville in the western part of Georgia close to the Florida border it is registered the warmest annual high temperature at 79 degrees, tied v Waycross to the northeast.

Surrounded practically entirely by the Chattahoochee national Forest, Blairsville"s mean low temperature is a it will be cold 43 degrees.

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Famous Waikiki top top the island that Oahu has actually the best beach weather in the state, with an average high that 85 degrees.

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A city on Maui, Kula, has actually the coolest typical of a city at 56 degrees. Unlike every other state, however, Hawaii"s document cold temperature is above zero at 12 degrees.

A tiny town of under a thousand world has the distinction of gift the warmest city in Idaho in ~ an median of 68 degrees. Possibly if more people knew about the weather, they"d move to Bruneau?

Island Park, a city surrounded by the Caribou-Targhee nationwide Forest, has the shortest average annual temp in Idaho, bottoming out at just 24 degrees.

A city in the southern component of the state, Cairo bring away the command in average yearly temp with 68 degrees. It may not complement Egypt"s temps, but it"s no bad.

Two urban in north central Illinois room tied for the coldest: Dixon and also Freeport. Both have an average annual low the 38 degrees.

The southern part of the state top top the Kentucky border holds Indiana"s warmest city. The average yearly high temperature in Evansville is 71, a complete 4 degrees greater than the following warmest cities.

Angola, in the very northeastern corner of the state, is Indiana"s coldest city. That averages a low of 38 degrees, yet that still seems warm compared to the state document low the -36 degrees, recorded in new Whiteland in 1994.

Two cities on opposite political parties of Iowa are tied because that the warmest city. Burlington in the east and Shenandoah in the west both have actually average yearly highs the 63 degrees.

Only one city in Iowa hold the spot for coldest temps, however. Cresco, with a population just end 3,800, has actually an average low the 33 degrees.

Great Bend, close to the really middle that Kansas, has actually warm temps at an mean 70 degrees, tied with Liberal and Elkhart come the southwest. Nearly directly north of good Bend, the record high was tape-recorded in Alton in 1936 at a sweat-inducing 121 degrees.

Due west indigenous Alton is Colby, the coldest city in Kansas. Its mean low temperature is just 37 degrees.

Two cities space tied because that the warmest in Kentucky. Both Bowling Green and also Paducah in the western component of the state have an typical high temp of 69 degrees. 

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Located just eastern of Lexington, mountain Sterling has an median low the 42 degrees, tied through Stearns to the south. That"s still much nicer than the document low of -37 recorded in Shelbyville in 1994.

The Gulf Coast region of Louisiana is the ar to it is in if girlfriend love warm weather. Both Lafayette and Houma room tied for the warmest cities, in ~ an median of 79 levels each.

Head north in Louisiana if you"d favor cooler weather. Ruston, east of Shreveport in the middle of the state, has an average yearly low of 52 degrees, bound with surrounding Monroe.

The biggest city in Maine is likewise the warmest on average at 56 degrees. The sexty temperature on record was registered not far from Portland, in north Bridgton, at 105 degrees. 

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The coldest city in Maine is situated at the very northern tip of the state, ~ above the border with brand-new Brunswick, Canada. Fort Kent only averages an yearly low the 27 degrees.

The warmest city in Maryland lies ~ above the east shore that Chesapeake Bay. Cambridge averages an annual high that 69 degrees.

The coldest city in Maryland is located in the really western edge of the state, where the warming result of the s in winter doesn"t reach. Oakland"s typical low is 37 degrees, and it"s likewise where the record cold temp that -40 levels was tape-recorded in 1912.


A city southern of Boston is the warmest in Massachusetts. Taunton"s average yearly high temp is 61 degrees, which seems appropriately chilly for new England. 


Two towns not much away from each various other in the western part of the state are tied for the coldest spot. Both Worthington and Lanesboro have actually an yearly low the 34 degrees.

Benton Harbor, situated in the southwest component of the Michigan ~ above the coast of Lake Michigan, is the warmest city in the state. Its typical high is 60 degrees.

Not surprisingly, the coldest city in Michigan is situated in the top Peninsula, on the border with northern Wisconsin. The city of Ironwood has actually an yearly average low of 30 degrees.

If you"re no a fan of cool weather, Minnesota is probably not the best state for you. The warmest city on average is Winona, top top the financial institutions of the Mississippi, which just averages a high of 58 degrees.

The city of Hibbing in northern Minnesota is the coldest city in the state v an average yearly low of simply 25 degrees. That"s a heat wave contrasted to the document low temp that -60 levels recorded in Tower in 1996.

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The warmest city in Mississippi is situated on the Gulf Coast. Picayune"s average yearly high is a humid 78 degrees.

A town at the very northern reminder of the state, not far from Memphis, is the coldest city in Mississippi. Holly Springs typical low is just 46 degrees.

If you"re trying to find the warmest city in Missouri, you"ll need to go to the very southeast corner of the state. Caruthersville, top top the Mississippi River, has an mean high temp that 69 degrees.

On the specific opposite corner of the state is the coldest city in Missouri, Maryville, with an average low of 40 degrees. Interestingly, the coldest temp ever recorded in the state was -40 in Warsaw, the exact same city that additionally has the highest possible recorded temp record at 118 degrees.

The largest city in Montana is likewise the warmest. Billings has an average annual high that 60 degrees, i m sorry is possibly why therefore many people live there.

West Yellowstone, a little town top top the west edge of — girlfriend guessed the — Yellowstone nationwide Park, is the coldest spot in the state through an mean low of just 20 degrees. The second-lowest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. To be -70 degrees in Lincoln (Rogers Pass) in 1954.

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Near the border with Kansas is the warmest city in Nebraska, McCook. Its annual average high is 65 degrees.

The coldest city in Nebraska is in the northwest edge of the state. Chadron"s average annual low is 32 degrees. The state"s record cold temp is well below freezing, however, at -47 levels in Oshkosh.

If you"ve been to las Vegas and also thought it to be hot, then you might want to skip Nevada"s sexy city. Laughlin, in ~ the very southern reminder of the state, is a full 7 degrees warmer on median than ras Vegas, at 87 degrees. It"s also where the greatest temp in the state, 125 degrees, to be recorded.

Nevada isn"t every desert, though. Hill City, close to the border v Idaho, has an average annual low the a frosty 25 degrees.

Two urban that are located right beside each other are tied because that the warmest in new Hampshire. Durham and Portsmouth both have actually an average annual high the 59 degrees.

The town of Colebrook on the border through Vermont in the northern part of new Hampshire has the lowest yearly average temp the 28 degrees.

Moorestown, an eastern suburb that Philadelphia, is the warmest city in brand-new Jersey. That average annual high is 67 degrees.

Located throughout the Delaware flow from Pennsylvania is brand-new Jersey"s coldest city. Lambertville has actually an average annual low the 39 degrees.

Two little cities in brand-new Mexico are tied because that the warmest. Hobbs and Carlsbad, both near the state"s southeastern border through Texas, have actually an average annual high that 77 degrees.

A town in the northern component of the state is brand-new Mexico"s coldest. Cuba only has an average annual low that 28 degrees. (That"s a much cry from the various other Cuba"s temps!)

New York City, and also specifically LaGuardia Airport, has actually the greatest temps in brand-new York state. The average yearly high is 63 degrees, about 1 degree warmer than other parts of the city. 

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A town in upstate brand-new York has the difference of being the coldest. Old build has one average annual low the 31 degrees, just below freezing. That"s additionally where the state"s document low of -52 degrees was collection in 1979.

A town south of Wilmington top top the Atlantic coast called Southport is the warmest in the state of north Carolina. It"s got great beach weather, through an average annual high the 76 degrees.

Banner Elk, near the Cherokee nationwide Forest, is the coldest in phibìc Carolina. It has an average annual low of 38 degrees.

North Dakota isn"t specifically known because that its heat weather. The city v the highest annual temp is Medora, wherein it averages 58 degrees. That"s a large difference native the document temp that 121 degrees collection in 1936.

Not much from the Canadian border, Bottineau is the coldest city in north Dakota. The average yearly low temp in the city is just 27 degrees.

Gallipolis, top top the southerly border with West Virginia, is Ohio"s warmest city with an annual average high the 69 degrees. It additionally holds the record high the 113 degrees, collection in 1934.

Near the Pennsylvania border, Youngstown is the coldest city in Ohio. Its yearly average low is 40 degrees.

Just southwest that Oklahoma City is the state"s warmest city, Chickasha. The city of around 16,000 has actually an average annual high temp the 75 degrees.

At the really tip of the Oklahoma panhandle is the coldest city in the state. The average annual low in Kenton is a it will be cold 41 degrees.

Medford, a city near the Cascade Mountains and also the north border that California, is the warmest in Oregon. The average annual high over there is 68 degrees.

A tiny town dubbed Seneca in the western component of the state is Oregon"s coldest, through an yearly average short of 25 degrees. It"s likewise home come the coldest temperature ever recorded in the state, -54 degrees, in 1933.

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The warmest city in Pennsylvania is the City the Brotherly Love. Even if it is it"s all that love or just the urban warmth island effect, the average yearly temp in philadelph is 65 degrees.

A city in the western component of the state just south that the brand-new York border is the coldest city in Pennsylvania. Bradford"s average annual low temp is 42 degrees.

There"s not a most geographic room for large temperature distinctions in Rhode Island, however the warmest city is Kingston. The town southern of Providence has actually an yearly average high of 62 degrees.

The coldest city in Rhode Island is in the northwestern part of the state. Phibìc Foster has actually an average annual low temp that 39 degrees.

The capital of south Carolina is likewise its warmest city. Columbia"s average yearly high is 78 degrees. The document high in the state was collection in 2012 in Columbia in ~ 113 degrees. 

Longcreek, a town close to the Georgia border, is the coldest in southern Carolina. The average yearly low temp is only 46 degrees.


A town through a funny surname is the warmest in southern Dakota. Interior, close to Badlands nationwide Park, has actually an yearly average high temp the 64 degrees. 

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Aberdeen in the northeastern component of south Dakota is the coldest city in the state. The average yearly low is right at freezing: 32 degrees.

The home of Graceland and delicious barbecue, Memphis is the warmest city in Tennessee. The average annual high temperature is 73 degrees. 

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Naming the coldest urban in a state mountain City seems to it is in a popular choice. This is the second Mountain City on the list, though the average annual low below is 40 degrees. It"s additionally where the state document low was taped at -32 degrees in 1917.

The warmest city in Texas is unsurprisingly ~ above the southerly border through Mexico. McAllen"s average yearly high is a steamy 86 degrees.

The biggest city in the Texas panhandle is additionally the coldest in the state. Amarillo"s average yearly low temperature is just 44 degrees.

The very southwest corner of Utah stop the state"s warmest city. St. George has an average annual high the 77 degrees, i beg your pardon isn"t shocking as soon as you number it"s for this reason close come Nevada and also Arizona.

The tiny town of Roosevelt in the eastern component of Utah is the coldest city in the state. The average yearly low there is 29 degrees.

The warmest city in vermont is Bennington in the southwest edge of the state. The city, surrounded virtually entirely by the environment-friendly Mountain and also Finger Lakes national Forests, has actually an average annual high that 57 degrees.

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Cavendish, a city near plenty of skiing resorts, is the coldest city in Vermont. The average annual low is 31 degrees. That"s much much better weather for skiing than the record low in the state, -50 degrees collection in 1933.

A city on seaside Virginia"s James flow waterway take away the state"s top spot as warmest city. Newport News has an annual average high of 71 degrees.

Ironically, the coldest city in Virginia is warm Springs. Located in the George Washington and also Jefferson nationwide Forest, the resort area recognized for skiing and also natural springs has actually an average annual low that 40 degrees. 

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The warmest city in Washington state is Walla Walla. The average annual high temp over there is 63 degrees, which need to be just around ideal for farming sweet onions. Top top June 28 this year, weather stations in ~ the solar Duc River close to Forks and also the Mayfield strength Plant in Lewis County taped temps of 118 degrees, tying the previous record got to in 1928 and also 1961.

Washington"s coldest city is additionally located inland from the Pacific coast. Winthrop"s average yearly low temp is 32 degrees. The state"s record low was collection here and in Mazama in 1968: -48 degrees.


The warmest city in West Virginia lies in ~ the confluence of Ohio, Kentucky and also West Virginia. Huntington"s average annual high temperature is 67 degrees.

Though it may sound favor a sport fisherman"s paradise, you"re not going to capture too numerous marlins in West Virginia"s coldest city. Marlinton has actually an average yearly low of simply 33 degrees.

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Popular through tourists who come indigenous the Chicago area, the resort town of Lake Geneva in southerly Wisconsin is the state"s warmest city. It averages an annual high that 59 degrees.

Naturally, the coldest city in Wisconsin is in the northern part of the state. Crivitz, phibìc of eco-friendly Bay, has an average annual low of simply 29 degrees. That"s downright balmy compared to the state"s document low that -55 degrees though, which was videotaped in Couderay in 1996.

Thermopolis is boil by a number of natural hot springs, and also named after ~ them. In fact, it"s even located in warm Springs County. Therefore it"s no surprised that Thermopolis take away the height spot for warmest city in Wyoming v 66 degrees.

A small town dubbed Kemmerer is the coldest city in Wyoming, through an average annual low of simply 22 degrees. That"s quiet warm compared to the coldest temperature tape-recorded in the state, though: -63 degrees in 1933.

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