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This was the an initial post top top Lili Reinhart's Instagram the made fans concern their relationship status. lilireinhart/Instagram

"Wishing the the happiest of birthdays to mine pal, Cole," Reinhart composed in her Instagram caption, adding a dancing-girl emoji.

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This to be the an initial post top top Reinhart"s Instagram that confirmed the pair together without the remainder of your "Riverdale" cast.

September 22, 2016: Reinhart post a photograph of the two on set.


Fans believed the two looked very friendly in this September post. lilireinhart/Instagram

Reinhart captioned this Instagram post, "Betty & Juggy."

Although the caption tells united state the pair is in character, the human body language in between the 2 made part fans think castle were an ext than friends, especially due to the fact that Betty and also Jughead"s characters did not become a pair ~ above the present until march 2017.

October 16, 2016: Sprouse posted his first photo of Reinhart top top Instagram.


Cole Sprouse offered his photography skills to record Lili Reinhart ~ above Instagram. Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

"Young Old Hollywood with
lilireinhart," Sprouse captioned the Instagram post. Reinhart post the same photograph to she Instagram v the caption "Damn children need to acquire off mine lawn."

Sprouse"s Instagram is much more artistic 보다 personal, but the photograph seemed to check that the two were security time with each other offset.

However, he post a similar photo of one more costar, Madelaine Petsch, through the very same caption.

March 18, 2017: Sprouse posted a photograph from a shoot that did through Reinhart.


Cole Sprouse posted a picture from his shoot with Lili Reinhart. Christopher Polk/Getty photos

Sprouse"s Instagram showcases his photography skills, and he"s often on shoots through models prefer Kendall Jenner.

This photoshoot with Reinhart in a ar of flower was captioned through flower emojis. Reinhart captioned the same photo on her own account, "Sister gold Hair."

April 22, 2017: Both Sprouse and Reinhart ongoing to write-up photos from their photoshoots.

The caption made fans think the two were an item. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

"That raven is click at us, have the right to you listen it,"Sprouse composed in the caption of this photograph of Reinhart.

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"The wind is for this reason strong, the bird is almost hovering. They to speak time moves much faster for corvids. Years and also decades room seconds and minutes come the black color bird. That"s why lock click, to view if lock can complement our clocks. It"s true! shame it must be hovering, it should be for this reason confused. Motionless and untethered by time. Don"t issue for the crow, in mere moments it"ll every pass. In mere moments this will just be one of numerous clicks had actually while hovering."

Fans, now fully believing the 2 "Riverdale" actors are in a romantic relationship, speculated the this long caption was a show of Sprouse"s love because that Reinhart.

Reinhart captioned an Instagram write-up from the exact same photoshoot, "Thank you for indulging me," and tagged Sprouse. She adhered to up with a write-up from the photoshoot in might with the subtitle "Can"t aid it. Here"s another."