On Wednesday morning Jim Harbaugh called in to The Herd with Colin Cowherd to execute a radio interview, which started out awkward, and quickly developed to really awkward, and also then to an extremely uncomfortable.

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On Wednesday morning Jim Harbaugh dubbed in to The Herd through Colin Cowherd to carry out a radio interview, which began out awkward, and also quickly progressed to yes, really awkward, and then on come unbearably awkward.

The coach appeared unable to come up v answers come Cowherd's questions, some of which were fairly odd themselves, such as "Is there ever before a minute in the day to be you are like, 'Oh man, i am a cupcake, i am soft, i am easy'?"

The missed elafilador.netgnals and also poor communication continued till Cowherd eventually called the interview turn off after about five minutes, apologizing come listeners and calling the interview a clunker.

The host even added that if any type of recruits were listening come the chat, they would certainly likely pick Michigan rival Ohio State and also coach metropolitan Meyer.

After the azer interaction started garnering a lot of interest top top the internet, Harbaugh fired ago on Twitter, saying that Cowherd would shoulder part of the blame for the lifeless interview.

You can listen to the five-and-a-half minute interview for yourself below and also decide who you think brought about all the awkwardness.


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