Colin Egglesfield might look familiar, yet that"s most likely just due to the fact that he has a distinctive resemblance come Tom Cruise.

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The Midwestern actor took advantage of those dashing look at in his 20s once he modeled for the likes that Versace, Calvin Klein and also Armani. He ongoing putting them to an excellent use for several years on the popular (but just cancelled) soap "All my Children" and also on the CW"s ill-fated "Melrose Place" reboot.

This weekend, he bring those high cheekbones and grey eyes to the huge screen in "Something Borrowed."

In the movie, he"s Dex, the guy who comes in between buds (Kate Hudson) and also Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin). But just since he sleeps with his fiance"s ideal friend, doesn"t median he"s a poor guy.

After talking to him, we have the right to confirm: Colin"s not such a negative guy himself.


In "Something Borrowed," Dex seems like a an excellent guy, but, at the finish of the day, he"s still the type of man who would certainly sleep through his fiance"s finest friend. It feels choose the audience need to hate him, yet they can"t. Just how does the work?

That to be the tricky thing with mine character… It bring up a lot of an excellent questions. Just because he"s adhering to what he important feels is ideal in his heart, does the make the a negative person? Is it better just to it is in honest and hurt world in the quick term so the in the lengthy term you"ll have actually what friend believe, what"s walking to make you happy for the rest of your life?

Have girlfriend ever been in a case like Dex whereby you need to ask yourself just how did I acquire here and also why am ns still here?

I"ve been in relationships whereby I absolutely was in them longer than i should have actually been because I simply didn"t desire to hurt the human I was through or I determined to stay and see if something changes or possibly in a pair months I"ll feeling differently. Ns was simply too afraid to it is in honest around my feelings and ultimately it turned out to be a terrible situation since I wasn"t moral from the beginning.

Other 보다 this or "Melrose Place" or "All mine Children," have you ever been in a love triangle?

(Laughs). No that i consciously knew of.

Speaking that "All mine Children," the long-running present was freshly cancelled. Just how did girlfriend feel as soon as you heard?

It to be sad to see. That was prefer a family for 3 years being on the show, a many of an excellent people and a most talented people. It"s just a dead to watch something that"s been around for so long -- unfortunately because of the business economics of the company -- civilization are not simply watching as lot as they used to. It"s really, really sad.

The end of "Something Borrowed" clearly sets increase a sequel and, the course, author Emily Giffin wrote a second book. Room there plans to do a second movie?

We"re every signed up because that the sequel so hope enough world go see this one which will certainly then warrant us going the end to make the second one… The following one movies in London which would certainly be for sure a blast to have the ability to film end there. I think because the books have such a following people will really come out and support this one for this reason we have the right to go out and also make the following one.


What to be your first acting gig?

I had to run in a bed through Jennie Garth on a display called "The $treet" and all ns was wearing was my Calvin Klein boxers. Ns jump in bed and also I have actually one line. There"s a man who remained in love v her therefore the camera is on one answering machine and this guy is leaving a message and also the camera pulls back and you watch me jumping into the bed through two glasses the wine, giving one to Jennie Garth. Then i ask her that this man is. The course, it being my very first acting job, I exercised the totality night before and also did line readings and also taped myself… however when I confirmed up ~ above set, castle were simply like, "Dude in the underwear, simply grab the glasses and also jump in."

How were you very first discovered?

I had actually just graduated college and also I gaining ready to go to med school as soon as I heard ~ above the radio about this talent search. ~ above a whim, i went to see what it to be all around because I constantly wanted to travel the world and also see what was outside of my tiny little farm yard town external of Chicago. I obtained hooked up v this firm in Chicago and also next thing I knew i was shoot Ralph Lauren campaigns and also Versace campaigns down in Miami and also then ns was flown to Milan, Italy. I was doing fashion mirrors for Giorgio Armani and also Versace and also Dolce & Gabbana and all these various other crazy developers I"d never heard of and going to dinners v Donatella Versace and also Elton John. That was just crazy, so surreal. I acquired to live in Paris and also London and Tokyo. Climate I ended up relocating to brand-new York City and also that was once I just decided I want to provide acting a shot, so i jumped right into an exhilaration class and also started auditioning – 4,000 failure auditions later, right here I am.

So if friend weren"t acting, would you have been a doctor?

I don"t know. My dad is a gynecologist so I could have gotten in the family members trade.

What go you execute with your very first Hollywood paycheck?

I bought part Ramen noodles because it was prefer $30. My first Hollywood paycheck: i paid rent and bought groceries.

You have that entirety Tom Cruise point going, however do you have an exhilaration inspiration?

Yeah, absolutely he"s someone who career ns aspire to, to have actually a lot of the roles that he"s had. Daniel Day-Lewis is an additional actor I organize in really high esteem.

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Do you acquire recognized top top the street much?

When ns was ~ above "All my Children," human being would sometimes recognize me. In new York City, ~ above the subway. I played the kid of Erica Kane and also I tried to poison her, and also one time this woman just looked in ~ me top top the subway. She was simply glaring in ~ me the totality time and also when we acquired to her stop she walks up to me and says, "I recognize who girlfriend are and also I don"t like what girlfriend did come Erica." and then she walked turn off the subway, but she was serious. Human being take their soap operas seriously.