Something Borrowed star Colin Egglesfield to be the perfect complement for the role of Dex with one oddly worrying quality – he looked a lot favor actor Tom Cruise. And also while looking like Cruise wouldn’t typically be a bad thing, director Luke greenfield worried the the audience might wonder why Cruise was in a rom-com. Thankfully, the didn’t become an issue. However Egglesfield wasn’t a complete lock for the role. He and Greenfield common what happened throughout his audition that ensured he landed the part of Dex.

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‘Something Borrowed’ Colin Egglesfield looked too much like Tom Cruise?

Greenfield recalled why he was a little concerned around casting Egglesfield. “He’s literally a Tom Cruise lookalike,” he told E! in 2021.


Something Borrowed Colin Egglesfield has actually a resemblance to actor Tom Cruise |Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

“And so that was one of the points that we were, ns guess, came to about,” that continued. “Like, ‘Are world going come think this is just Tom Cruise playing this role?’ He to be the genuine find.” Egglesfield not only had actually to capture the audience’s hearts, however he additionally had to execute so if cheating top top fiancée – with her ideal friend.

“You feeling what he’s walk through,” green field said. “So the audience hopefully is not, ‘This guy’s a f**king cheater. I hate this guy."” 

Egglesfield is completely aware that the Tom Cruise comparison. “He’s someone who career i aspire to, to have a many the roles that he’s had,” that told MTV in 2011 around Cruise. “Daniel Day-Lewis is an additional actor I host in really high esteem.”

How go Luke Greenfield help Colin Egglesfield during his audition for ‘Something Borrowed’?

Egglesfield recalled that Greenfield helped him acquire in the zone during his audition. “To Luke’s credit, the came approximately me and also he simply kinda whispered in mine ear and also he said, ‘Hey, execute this scene the way you would carry out it if the were your words and you were really saying these words to the mrs of your desires who you want to marry,"” that said.

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“And as soon as he gave me that tiny piece that direction, that piece of flexibility to just say it just how I would say it, all I had to do was turn and also look at Ginny and look into her beautiful little eyes and also we connected and also we go out that scene the end of the water,” that added.

Needless to say, Egglesfield was thrilled as soon as he learned the he scored the role. “I remember i was sit on mine bed in Los Angeles in mine apartment and also I was watching SportsCenter,” the recounted. “I gained a call, i think it was most likely 9:30 or 10 in the morning, and it was my agent. And also he said, ‘You desire to walk to brand-new York and work with Kate Hudson?’ ns think everyone in Brentwood heard me scream due to the fact that I was, like, jumping up and down in mine bed.”

Will the ‘Something Borrowed’ sequel ever be made?

While the book and script, Something Blue is ready, Egglesfield doesn’t think that will ever before see the irradiate of day on the large or small screen. He told Showbiz Cheat Sheet the 90s-type rom-coms are, unfortunately, history. The key reason? Money. “Those movies that are like a $30 million film,” that said around a film like Something Borrowed. “So it is the films in between that $10 million come $100 million variety just kind of evaporated overnight due to the fact that the return at the box office simply isn’t what it offered to be.”

“Unfortunately, it’s a dying genre,” the admitted. “Unless you rotate to Lifetime and Hallmark. That’s yes, really the only location where you’re gaining to watch those kinds of stories. But unfortunately, they’re simply a portion of the budget of the studio films.”

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