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Growing up together the child of among the most famed — and also most lover — gibbs in the human being can be challenging. Chet Hanks, the boy of Tom Hanks and also Rita Wilson, deserve to attest to that. Critical year, after two years that sobriety, Chet spoke about the farming up in the “shadow the success” together he restored his struggling career through recurring duties on Empire and also Shameless after some embarrassing mistakes previously in his life, which he attributed to the pressures of growing up as the son of Tom Hanks.

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However, one more son of Tom Hanks, Colin (Orange County, Fargo, Life in Pieces), has been able come navigate farming up as the kid of the Big star through much less difficulty, although it’s no been without its challenges. Being Tom Hanks’ son and having his career compared versus that the his father’s “can feel prefer hitting her head versus the wall,” Colin tells Dax Shepard ~ above a recent episode the The Armchair Expert.

“When i was beginning off,” Colin speak Shepard, “I was kind of lovingly naive, reasoning that wasn’t as big a transaction as the is … that i would get the advantage of the doubt that i was mine own human … and also that doesn’t happen.” together Colin relates, being the son of a famed actor can help get her foot in the door, however it comes with specific expectations that room not always easy to meet.

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Unlike Chet Hanks, who thrived up full time with Tom, however, Colin thrived up in Sacramento wherein Tom Hanks and also his mom, Samantha Lewes, met in college. ~ his parents split, Colin relocated from Los Angeles back to Sacramento v his mom when the was around 8 or 9 years old. In fact, together a child of divorce, that mostly flourished up in Sacramento, just spending every various other weekend and also the summers in L.A. With Tom. “It was just a fun sort of getaway. I checked out summer camp, and we discovered stuff come do,” that told Shepard. There were likewise summers “where mine old man had actually a project to carry out so we’d invest the summer in Indiana or Seattle, so the traveling finished up coming to be a component, together well.”Soon after the divorce, Colin tells Dax the Tom “found the human was meant to it is in with, in Rita, my step-mom.” as Colin relates, Tom and Rita Wilson had met years before, “so she had been approximately pretty much right about the divorce,” therefore Colin didn’t spend lot time through Tom together a single father.

The financial situation between Colin and also Chet was likewise strikingly different. When Colin admits that he grew up v money, it was nowhere near the quantity of money that world would assume. “I don’t know just how much money my mommy was obtaining in alimony, but what ns heard was, ‘We don’t have the money because that that. Your Dad has that. Us don’t have actually that.’ So, that wasn’t favor money was no thing to Colin. “Money was always the object,” therefore trips and also other products items continued to be special come Colin, he speak Shepard.

In terms of maintaining him grounded, it likewise helped that Colin didn’t prosper up as soon as Tom Hanks to be “super rich.”

“There is a an extremely definitive heat in my father’s job where points just ended up being stratospheric, and really different,” Colin speak Shepard. His father’s earnings increased considerably after “the Forrest Gump era.” Colin was currently 17 year old by that time, so he had actually a “different type of experience” farming up than his younger siblings.

Colin’s younger siblings additionally didn’t need to cope v the loss of a parent. Colin’s mommy sadly died when she to be 49 year old the lung cancer, only five months after ~ Orange County came out. Her death changed Colin’s perspective on job-related a good deal — it came to be a less essential priority. As a result, a he speak Shepard, he refuse to execute “sh*t” movies choose Win a date with Tad Hamilton!. The downside was the he didn’t job-related for number of years (his very first major feature after 2002’s Orange County was King Kong in 2005).Beside a foot in the door and also his noticeable support, however, maybe the ideal thing that Tom Hanks offered and continues to sell is “an example of not probably of the right means to handle fame, however a appropriate way. To stay on the track a little better than various other people.” That’s something that both Tom and Colin have both controlled to properly navigate in your lives. It’s also helped that Colin is also friends with a number of other second-generation actors through whom he deserve to commiserate.

In fact, on the podcast, Colin shared an endure he had actually with Jason Ritter (Parenthood), the son of lover Three’s Company’s actor man Ritter. Coilin and Jason Ritter were sitting next to each other signing autographs in ~ an event, when they were approached by 2 women that came up and said, “We loved your Dads. They were basically just like, ‘We don’t know why you’re here. However your Dads room great."”

Their Dads are great, however as their less well known sons Jason Ritter and also Colin Hanks have actually demonstrated over the years, they’re quite great, too.