Colin Kaepernick"s nightmare 2015 season reached a heat pitch Monday, as the san Francisco 49ers have actually benched the quarterback and named Blaine Gabbert the starter against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

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Head coach Jim Tomsula official announced the relocate Wednesday. Sporting activities writer Kyle McLorg was the very first to report the news. 

"I determined that now is the time," Tomsula said, per roughly the NFL. "Blaine"s been right here for 2 years, I"ve watched that get much better every day." 

Tomsula also listed he want Kaepernick to "step earlier and take a look in ~ things," per approximately the NFL. 

Kaepernick has actually 1,615 pass yards on the season, but only 6 touchdown tosses and five interceptions. Mike Garafolo that Fox Sports suggested this wasn"t a suddenly move:

Mike Garafolo

49ers were toying w/ idea of benching Colin Kaepernick prior to he played well vs NYG. Now they're making the move, as
Kyle_McLorgBASG said.

Ian Rapoport of added that players "were split" top top Kaepernick and also "the brass remained with him as long as that could."

Tomsula acknowledged the 49ers" 2-6 record did not loss squarely top top Kaepernick, according to team reporter Joe Fann.


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Kaepernick has been the Niners" full time starter since midway v the 2012 season. While the has presented flashes of brilliance, 2015 has been a significant struggle because that him and the 49ers as a whole.

San Francisco signed the 27-year-old to a six-year, $126 million contract expansion in 2014. The relocate hasn"t payment dividends come this point, together Kaepernick has struggled to go back to the form he presented when the Niners excelled in 2012 and also 2013.

The team"s battles aren"t completely Kaepernick"s fault, though his erratic beat hasn"t helped matters. The offense and also defense have lost a ton the talent end the past pair seasons, and former head coach Jim Harbaugh bolted because that Michigan.

Kaepernick"s beginning job has been top top shaky ground for part time. According to Jay Glazer the Fox Sports, assistance for Kaepernick in ~ the Niners locker room started to wane substantially after a mainly 7 loss come the Seattle Seahawks.

"His to trust is completely shot," Glazer said. "It"s no that don"t choose him. But he"s just alone, on one island in that locker room. There"s not a lot of of world he associate with. Confidence-wise, he"s just hidden right now."

As reports the locker-room discord continued to pour in, 49ers legend Jerry Rice suggested a short-lived benching might serve Kaepernick and also the team well, per TMZ.

"I am a true Kaepernick fan. One hundred percent," Rice said. "I"m no saying bench him for the season, however sometimes friend gotta shake points up. It might energize the team and administer Colin the spark that needs."

Despite the rumblings, the former University that Nevada star insisted that the opportunity of shedding the beginning job hasn"t been on his mind, follow to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.

"I don"t play for job security," Kaepernick said. "Whether football"s right here or not, I will be fine. I go out, i play to win. I"m not worried around job security when I action in this building."

While Kaepernick seemingly had the mentality to keep his role, he will be watching native the sideline throughout the Niners" following game.

The Jacksonville Jaguars selected Gabbert with the No. 10 all at once pick in the 2011 NFL draft, but his tenure as the team"s beginning quarterback to be disastrous. That threw for 4,357 yards, 22 touchdowns and 24 interceptions in 27 starts.

Most have chalked Gabbert up together a bust, yet 49ers quarterbacks coach Steve Logan believes Gabbert"s battles were because of a absence of continuity, every Eric Branch that the San Francisco Chronicle.

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"If you ... Four various offensive coordinators, that"s like discovering Spanish, French, German and also Russian," Logan said. "Just the language alone is enough to journey you crazy. That"s tough stuff now."

Gabbert"s NFL track record argues he isn"t the answer at quarterback for the 49ers. But the team requirements a shake-up, and also he is the ideal option to make that happen in the brief term.