For the second time this week, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick addressed a Fidel Castro t-shirt that he wore back in August.

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For the 2nd time this week, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick addressed a Fidel Castro t-shirt that he wore ago in August.

During Sunday’s game in Miami against the Dolphins, elafilador.netmply two job after Castro’s death, Kaepernick to be booed through the crowd. Afterward, he was asked around a back-and-forth he had actually with a reporter top top Friday, in i beg your pardon he claimed he sustained Castro’s emphaelafilador.nets on education.

“What I stated was i agree in the investment in education. I also agree in the invest of cost-free universal healthcare,” Castro told reporters. “Trying to press the narrative that i was donate of the oppreselafilador.netve things he did is not true.”

On Friday, the quarterback claimed that Cuba had actually a high proficiency rate under Castro, and also that the United claims is “fully capable” that putting much more money into education and learning than its prison system.

Kaepernick has arised as one of the many outspoken athletes in sports after he determined to take it a knee throughout the nationwide anthem before NFL gamings to raise awareness of gyeongju injustice in America. Kaepernick newly came under fire after ~ it to be revealed that he did no vote in the 2016 Preelafilador.netdential Election.


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