Colin Kaepernick to be still fined by the NFL in spite of the organization admitting the quarterback didn"t usage a gyeongju slur, and also no one is rather sure why.

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Dilip Vishwanat
san Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to be fined $11,025 following a main 2 loss to the Chicago bear for inappropriate language, specifically his alleged usage of a racial slur. The fine and the 15-yard penalty he attracted both fell under a readjust to unsportsmanlike conduct rule to penalize football player for using the N-word on the field. Kaepernick maintained he walk not use the N-word, and also on Wednesday, an arbitrator agreed. Kaepernick, however, was still fined $5,512 for a factor he and also others don"t quite understand.

Kaepernick: "If you"re going to say I used a racial slur and also come back and say i didn"t speak it, then i don"t understand what I"m gift fined for."

— Matt Maiocco (
GeorgeAtallah) October 15, 2014

So why to be his fine only reduced in fifty percent instead of eliminated entirely? Ted Cottrell, the arbitrator appointed by the NFL and also NFLPA to decide appeals, established there to be still a violation that the rule.

Ted Cottrell, that heard Kaepernick appeal, listed there to be a "clear violation of the rule" however no evidence that "clearly shows" racial slur.

— Mike Garafolo (
MikeGarafolo) October 15, 2014

The NFL didn"t perform a brand-new rule just to penalize the usage of gyeongju slurs. Instead, as the Washington article noted, the organization used the existing unsportsmanlike conduct dominance with an added emphasis to half racial slurs. Formally, under section 3 and Article 1 of the NFL rulebook, the usage of "abusive, threatening, or violation language or gestures come opponents, teammates, officials, or to represent of the League" is considered unsportsmanlike conduct. Video of the incident appears to show Kaepernick telling Bears defensive lineman Lamarr Houston to "back the f--- up!"

Could that be taken into consideration "abusive, threatening or insulting language"? Yeah, probably. But, the NFL can likely fine an ext than 50 percent of football player for comparable incidents every solitary game. Kaepernick wasn"t penalized and also fined for utilizing the F-word; he was fined because that allegedly utilizing a gyeongju slur. Other than he didn"t. Or at the very least there isn"t proof that "clearly shows" he did, follow to the NFL.

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It"s great the NFL desires to try and get rid of its football player from utilizing racial slurs top top the field. Over there will also be times when mistakes happen and also players are incorrectly penalized. Trying to decipher what a player -- maybe wearing a mouthpiece -- states in a stadium v blaring music and 50,000 fans or much more isn"t exactly basic job. The league has a mechanism in place to eradicate those errors as soon as they happen, together was apparently the case in this situation. Instead of wiping out the fine and also admitting no harm, no foul, however, the NFL tho fined Kaepernick for something that plenty that other players perform without penalty, even Tom Brady. Just one more instance that the NFL being the NFL.

For Kaepernick"s part, he appears to be taking the bizarre judgment in stride. He posted the picture below through the subtitle "The confront you make as soon as the NFL says you didn"t usage a gyeongju slur and still fines friend $5500? *shrugs* earlier to mine grind!"