San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick do his preseason debut ~ above Aug. 26 versus the green Bay Packers, however that turned out to it is in the second-biggest story for the 28-year-old.

You are watching: Colin kaepernick sits during national anthem"s Jennifer Lee Chan caught a photograph of Kaepernick sitting during the national anthem prior to the video game kicked off, and also Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee listed a zoomed-in picture from Chan"s picture:

jenniferleechan photo throughout national anthem that mirrors Colin Kaepernick sitting on the bench. #49ers

Chargers fans loudly booed Kaepernick on Thursday as soon as he gotten in Qualcomm stadium for the 49ers" final preseason game, which additionally happened come be armed forces Appreciation Night, per cam Inman that the bay Area News Group.

Kaepernick sat throughout the anthem prior to Thursday"s video game as well, and was joined by 49ers security Eric Reid that took a knee alongside him, every Matt Maiocco the CSN only Area. Reid stated after the game that it was Kaepernick"s idea to take it a knee to be an ext respectful, every Ebenezer Samuel the the New York day-to-day News.

Tim Kawakami that the Mercury News detailed Kaepernick later on applauded a tribute to the military on the stadion videoboard. Matt Maiocco of CSN included Kaepernick also stood because that "God Bless America" and also applauded the to sing of petty Officer first Class Steven Powell.

Kaepernick commented on Thursday night"s decision and his plans for charity, every Inman:

Cam Inman

Colin Kaepernick, on plans come donate $1 million to neighborhoods & just how today's kneel-protest arised

On Aug. 27, NFL Media"s Steve Wyche relayed Kaepernick"s explanation for no standing:

I am no going to stand up to display pride in a flag because that a nation that oppresses black color people and also people of color. Come me, this is bigger 보다 football and also it would certainly be selfish on my component to look the various other way. There space bodies in the street and also people obtaining paid leave and getting away through murder. ...

This is no something that i am going to run by anybody. Ns am not searching for approval. I need to stand up for human being that space oppressed. ... If they take it football away, mine endorsements native me, I recognize that ns stood up for what is right.

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On Aug. 28, Kaepernick said he is no taking this stand for himself, per Maiocco. Inman listed a collection of videos catching Kaepernick"s interview in the locker room:

Cam Inman

#49ers Colin Kaepernick video part 1

Cam Inman

#49ers Colin Kaepernick video component 2

Cam Inman

#49ers Colin Kaepernick video part 3

Cam Inman

#49ers Colin Kaepernick video component 4

Cam Inman

Colin Kaepernick video component 5

Mike Rosenberg the the Seattle Times provided much more from Kaepernick:

Mike Rosenberg

Kaepernick had guns attracted on the by cops for being among the just black guys in his town

The 49ers authorize a statement around Kaepernick"s choice not to partake in the pregame ceremony, via Wyche:

The national anthem is and constantly will be a special part of the pre-game ceremony. It is an chance to honor our country and also reflect ~ above the an excellent liberties we space afforded as its citizens. In respecting such American principles as liberty of religion and also freedom that expression, we acknowledge the best of an separation, personal, instance to choose participate, or not, in our celebration that the national anthem.

On Aug. 30, Jason Cole the Bleacher Report report the 49ers space worried about Kaepernick potentially being a distraction and divisive pressure in the locker room:

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