Eight years earlier this week, long prior to he “spacesuited up” together The appropriate Stuff‘s Gordo Cooper, Colin O’Donoghue made his debut together Once ~ above a Time‘s Captain Hook. But before he did, he virtually got a help “hand” native Dustin Hoffman‘s own, big-screen take on Peter Pan’s pirate nemesis.

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Reminded by elafilador.net that his Once-iversay during a current interview, O’Donoghue shared, “One that the points that stands out from early was that I in reality tried to usage the hook indigenous Dustin Hoffman’s movie . We were considering utilizing that hook, however the one that he actually wore is massive, due to the fact that his costume and everything to be so flamboyant and so big.”

The alphabet series’ take it on the iconic Disney villain, meanwhile, was aiming much more for “black leather and an open blouse,” the ireland actor recalled v a laugh.


Dustin Hoffman as Hook

Once ~ above a Time‘s Hook additionally sported a, um, much more dramatic eye. “I hadn’t realized there to be going to it is in that much <‘guyliner’>, and that it to be going to end up being such a thing,” O’Donoghue said. “I think civilization are really disappointed as soon as they fulfill me or see photos of me without any eyeliner ~ above now. In The ideal Stuff, i don’t have a beard and also I’ve gained like a 12-year-old boy haircut, so ns think ns look nice different!”

OUAT advocated O’Donoghue native recurring to collection regular even prior to Hook an initial swashbuckled right into Miss Emma Swan’s life. And from that moment on, they formed one the the series’ main point couples — the is, once the show’s steely heroine (and viewers) warmed approximately the pirate’s rascally ways.

“I had actually a very specific idea regarding how I would certainly play him, and Eddie and also Adam were on the same web page from the get-go,” O’Donoghue said. “I simply made an innuendo about anything that I can — that was part and thoreau of what he was — however I knew I might do that in a cheeky way so that you could kind of gain away v it.

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“I wanted him come be someone that men would want to be and girls would want to be with however knew that he was bad news,” that added. “That’s what I want him to be like, at an early stage — really much the charming bad boy.”

O’Donoghue was through OUAT native Season 2 with to the an extremely end, commerce vows v Emma in Season 6’s musical/wedding episode and also then sticking roughly for the Season 7 “requel” (even despite leading lady Jennifer Morrison had finished her operation as a collection regular). For the farewell season, O’Donoghue acquired to beat the wish Realm’s Captain Hook (fleeting paunch and also all) and also the amnesic Seattle police detective variation of same.

All told, Hook “was together a large character — and huge part of my life because that a lengthy time,” stated his portrayer. (With report by Vlada Gelman)