Alton Nolen was convicted Friday in the fatality of Coleen Hufford, that was killed in 2014 in ~ a Vaughan foodstuffs plant. Prosecutors intend to seek the fatality penalty.

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Alton Nolen, who is charged with first-degree murder in the September 2014 beheading the 54-year-old Colleen Hufford at Vaughan foods in Moore, Okla., is led indigenous the courtroom top top Sept. 11, 2017, complying with a morning the jury choice in his psychological in Norman, Okla.Sue Ogrocki / AP file
NORMAN, Okla. — an Oklahoma male accused that beheading a co-worker to be convicted of first-degree killing on Friday for the 2014 assault that one witness stated was "something that civilization shouldn"t have to see."

Jurors deliberated for around two hours prior to finding 33-year-old Alton Nolen guilty in the fatality of 54-year-old Coleen Hufford. Jurors additionally convicted Nolen of assault and battery v a deadly weapon because that attempting to behead a second co-worker in ~ the Vaughan foodstuffs plant in Moore, a suburb that Oklahoma City.

Alton Nolen is led indigenous the courtroom top top Sept. 11, 2017, complying with a morning of jury an option in his trial in Norman, Okla.Sue Ogrocki / AP file

Investigators claimed Nolen had actually just been suspended native his job as soon as he walked right into the company"s governmental office and attacked Hufford. Authorities said Nolen stabbed an additional co-worker, who survived, before he to be shot through a firm executive.

During the trial, prosecutors played recordings the Nolen confessing to the stabbings. In the recordings, which to be while Nolen was hospitalized after the 2014 attack, Nolen claims he doesn"t "regret it in ~ all" and that "oppressors don"t have to be here."

Nolen"s attorneys to speak he"s holy spirit ill and also believed he to be doing the right thing because of his delusional misinterpretations the the Quran. Yet prosecutors claimed Nolen knew appropriate from wrong before he attacked Hufford.

Nolen had repeatedly tried to plead guilty and asked to it is in executed, but Cleveland County ar Judge Lori Walkley decreased to expropriate his plea. One of Nolen"s attorneys had questioned even if it is his client was mentally experienced to enter a guilty plea.


A witness who testified during the trial said Hufford was "completely surprised" as soon as Nolen come up behind her, pulled her head ago and drew the knife across her throat. Gary Hazelrigg likewise told jurors the he screamed and cursed in ~ Nolen during the attack and tried to pull him off Hufford.

"I to be looking in ~ something horrific — other that human being shouldn"t need to see," Hazelrigg said.

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At a 2016 hearing, Nolen said the judge that he would only accept a death sentence, not life in prison v or there is no the opportunity of parole. The judge consistently reminded Nolen that if that pleaded guilty and waived his best to a jury trial, the decision come sentence him would certainly be as much as a judge, no him.