It's no an enig that the jig is up because that the university sector in America: there are loads of piece that to mark the countless ways in i m sorry the traditional greater education design is a complete and also utter scam. From institutions potentially shedding their accreditation, to rising tuition prices despite offering significantly worse education experiences, it's shocking the attendance number aren't declining even more sharply.

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Then, there's the university admissions scandal, which made waves since it involved several high-profile Hollywood families. Yet how walk the story break in the very first place?

The FBI uncovered the university admissions scandal. Yet the bureau didn't intend to break this story.

As agents sought a totally unrelated securities fraud case, they started to monitor a trail of money that caused a enormous $25 million scheme that experienced folks donating huge sums of money in order come get pick people admitted into high-profile universities.

Per ABC News, Boston-based FBI agents uncovered that there was a $400,000 bribe transferred to Yale's women's soccer team's head coach.

When miscellaneous is a commonwealth investigation, the likelihood of the going away is slim to none. So you're stuck to a choice: one of two people you store your mouth shut and also go come jail or girlfriend rat.

Put you yourself in this coach's position. Ultimately, who room they protecting if lock don't talk?


They were dealing with a bunch of well-off parents native entertainment and also finance backgrounds who wanted to aid get their lazy, under-achieving kids into respected universities v venerated names. For this reason the coach talked.

The scandal famously led to indictments of part 50 people. The one who received the many attention to be Full House sweetheart Lori Loughlin, who gained her daughter Olivia Jade right into the college of southern Carolina. 

Olivia Jade once famously said: "I don't yes, really care around school," in a YouTube video clip that's currently been deleted. Felicity Huffman was additionally another actress who was affiliated in the scandal.

im watching procedure varsity blues (the college admissions scandal docu) and also man this transition.... BRUTAL LMAO

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And if the admissions scandal was attached to high profile U.S. Citizens, there to be also an excellent concern over international nationals "taking" clues in venerated U.S. Organizations either v a series of bribes or forged student records. 

The U.S. Department of education and learning "uncovered much more than $6 billion in unreported international gifts from nations including Qatar, China, Saudi Arabia, and the united Arab Emirates" in 2020.

Later, an entire industry that helped Chinese student not only cheat top top tests and also submit files but likewise lie around extracurricular activities and athletic success in their home countries was exposed.

They were born with every benefit — and they still cheated. Operation Varsity Blues: The college Admissions Scandal is now on Netflix

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To date, there to be eight universities discovered guilty of accepting bribes in exchange for college student enrollment: Yale, Wake forest University, university at Texas Austin, university of southern California, college of san Diego, university of California — Los Angeles, Stanford University, and also Georgetown University.

Many of the abovementioned schools gain vaunted reputations throughout academia, yet now that it's been found that they've embraced students not based upon their scholastic merit but on the dimension of the donations that accompanied their applications, their integrity as institutions has actually been compromised.

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The college Admissions Scandal top top Netflix was well made and also made me sick. Ivy organization schools space a joke. Ns feel so bad for john Vandemoer. He to be screwed over, but likewise because his home arrest ended right prior to a pandemic. The look at on his confront says it every lol

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Then again, it's a well-known truth that colleges are huge business and also have been because that a very, very long time.

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