The college admissions scandal may have been just one of the weirdest things to happen in 2019. And also in situation you"re forget the deets, here"s the gist: dozens of extremely wealthy parental paid numerous thousands the dollars to aid their youngsters get right into college, one of two people by paying off ACT and also SAT exam administrators, or paying off college"s athletic coaches to have actually their youngsters accepted come the institutions as strong recruits despite, you know, not actually play the sport.

The entirety thing to be orchestrated by wilhelm "Rick" Singer, who would set up the bribes. He also worked with psychologists to acquire the college student fake handicap reports so the they might get special testing accommodations, which then let them take it the sat at a test facility under Singer’s control where they can easily cheat. Singer has been uncovered guilty, but he hasn"t however been sentenced.

A couple of different schools were targeted in this scandal, but University of southern California, college of California Los Angeles, and Georgetown University appeared to it is in the many popular choices for these parents come buy their youngsters a clues at. (I guess the old fashioned way of acquiring in by earning good grades and also test scores seemed prefer too much work???) Actresses favor Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman got recorded up in the scandal and have had actually to offer prison time because that it. So, here"s exactly how much time they and everyone rather sentenced in the scandal have had actually to serve.

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1Felicity Huffman


The former CEO of Pacific investment Management agency paid more than $500,000 to obtain his daughter into USC. Follow to the New York Times, he was sentenced to ripe months in jail for it.


The Connecticut lawyer payment $75,000 to have daughter’s plot answers fixed, earning the eight month in jail. He was put on leaving from his Manhattan legislation firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher prior to receiving a two-year suspension indigenous practicing law, follow to

Williams to be a college entrance test administrator that took bribes from ringleader stack Singer come falsify test results. She likewise let the scandal"s co-conspirator mark Riddell sit in ~ above the exams to assist students or even correct their answers after they to be done. She to be sentenced to one year of probation and was ordered to forfeit $12,500 of she illegal earnings.

The scandal didn"t just affiliated Americans. David Sidoo, from Vancouver, brothers Columbia, paid $100,000 to have actually someone take it his 2 sons" satellite exams. He was sentenced come 90 job in prison, follow to CBC.

This LA marketing executive paid $50,000 to have actually someone take it the act for her son and also was sentenced to three weeks in prison for it, follow to CNN. She"s likewise hilariously the author of a publication called The contemporary Girl’s overview to difficult Situations.

Gregory, the founder the food and also beverage distributor worldwide Dispensing Corp., and also his mam Marcia were both sentenced to a month in prison for payment $125,000 to improve their daughter"s plot scores.

The previous Stanford University cruising coach took much more than $610,000 in bribes to gain students right into Stanford under the guise of gift athletic recruits, according to court documents. He was fired native Stanford (no real shocker there) and was sentenced to just one job in prison.

Huneeus is a Napa sink winery owner that paid $300,000 to have actually his daughter"s satellite score readjusted AND have actually her presented as a water polo recruit to get her into USC. The absolute ideal detail from the court docs, despite is that when Huneeus couldn"t find a picture of his daughter play water polo, he simply submitted a photo of a stranger. For all of that, he was sentenced to 5 months in prison.

Littlefair is a socialite indigenous Newport Beach, California and spent a usual $9,000 to have actually someone take she son"s classes come make sure he i graduated from Georgetown. She got five weeks in jail for it, follow to the LA Times.

The husband and also wife paid $350,000 to obtain their daughter into Georgetown together a tennis recruit. Follow to the LA Times, Manuel gained six month in prison for it while Elizabeth gained seven.

This jewelry organization owner indigenous Menlo Park, California paid $15,000 to have her son"s action answers changed. And as if that"s not poor enough, her son"s gyeongju on his college applications was adjusted to present him as a decimal (she says Singer did that and that it wasn"t her, however who knows). For all of that she to be sentenced to four months in prison, according to CBS.

This LA male paid $250,000 to have actually his son accepted to USC together a waterpolo recruit, and even went therefore far as to stage a picture shoot of him in waterpolo equipment for the application. After he was charged for his involvement, Slone was sentenced to 4 months in prison.

Fox is the former president the a personal tennis academy in Texas who got involved in the scheme by facilitating the bribe payments. A Justice department report says that he obtained three month in prison for his crimes.

This former University that Austin tennis coach accepted $100,000 in bribes come secure admissions because that fake college student athletes. He to be sentenced to six months in prison, according to the Texas Tribune, and also had to forfeit $60,000 that his illegal made money and also pay a $20,000 fine.

Michelle Janavs is the daughter of among the co-inventors of warm Pockets and also she paid $300,000 to have her daughters" action answers fudged and also had among her daughters accepted to USC as a volleyball recruit. Follow to CNN, she was sentenced to five months in prison and *Gretchen Weiner voice* ns don"t think her father, the inventor of warm Pockets, would certainly be also pleased to hear about this.

The co-founder of Elena’s Food Specialties paid $15,000 to have his daughter"s plot scores rigged. In which method Sartorio to be the only parent associated in the plan to protect against actual jail time and instead just got one year of probation. Follow to the New York Times, his lawyers argued he should acquire a lighter sentence since he wasn"t well known or privileged.

This California real estate developer payment $75,000 to have his daughter’s act answers changed, and also he to be sentenced come one month in prison, according to the Washington Post.

Toby MacFarlane is an insurance executive that paid a jaw-dropping $450,000 to acquire his son and daughter into USC as basketball and soccer recruits. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail for it but got out two and also a half months early since of COVID, NBC reported.

Peter Dameris managed to walk far with just one job in jail after paying $300,000 to have actually his kid recruited come Georgetown as a tennis player. The did, however, gain put on three years of looked after release, 12 months of which will certainly be in home confinement, per CBS.

This LA-based executive paid $400,000 to gain his son into Georgetown together a tennis player, with some of that money going come Georgetown’s tennis coach Gordon Ernst. Semprevivo got four months in prison for his actions.

Jeffrey Bizzack is a businessman indigenous Solana Beach, California that paid $250,000 to acquire his son right into USC together a fake volleyball recruit and was sentenced to 2 months in prison, according to the LA Times. He also resigned from the board of his company.

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This husband and wife paid $250,000 to obtain their daughter into USC together a volleyball recruit despite her not playing the sport, follow to the New York Times. Diane to be sentenced to six weeks in prison and Todd (who pleaded guilty to second charge on conspiracy to commit money laundering) got four months.

Xiaoning Sui is one more Canadian captured up in the scandal. She"s a mother from Surrey, brother Columbia who paid $400,000 to get her son into UCLA together a soccer recruit. She was sentenced come time offered after gift arrested in Spain in link to the scandal and also spending five months in prison there, CBC reported.

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