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Play prefer a legend at the Chick-fil-A university Football hall of Fame. Immerse yourself in must-see exhibits v content personalized to her favorite team, historical artifacts, a three-story helmet wall surface and the inspirational room of call rotunda the memorializes college football legends. Kick off her visit by selecting your favorite school from the 770 represented and also watch as your school’s helmet lights up top top the wall. Native running v the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl skill Zone and kicking a field goal top top the 45-yard play field, to joining kris Fowler and Desmond Howard at the ESPN college GameDay Desk, constructed by The residence Depot, the Hall captures the passion, pageantry, and also traditions of university football. The facility features 30,000 square feet of exhibit space, in addition to flexible event space throughout the building. The room is situated on Marietta Street in downtown Atlanta, alongside the Georgia civilization Congress Center.

Safety Measures

Nothing is much more important 보다 the health and also safety of our team members and guests and also we space committed come doing our part to avoid the spread out of COVID-19. We have actually been preparing because that months to reopen and also have implemented brand-new protocols come ensure you have actually a safe and enjoyable visit to the hall of Fame.Here space a few things you can expect:We encourage guests to purchase tickets in breakthrough online.We will certainly manage building capacity to comply with all physical/social distancing guidelines.Contactless IR heat scanning will be provided to screen temperatures of all guests and employees prior to entry; anyone v a temperature above 100.4 degrees will be asked to reschedule your visit.All guest 3years the age and older will be forced to wear a mask to enter the building. No exceptions will certainly be created medical conditions. If guests are unable come wear a mask, we suggest they postpone their visit because that a future date.All team members will certainly be attract masks throughout her visit.You’ll find added hand-sanitizing stations throughout the hall for her convenience.We have enhanced our already-stringent cleaning protocols and will be constantly disinfecting surface throughout the building. We apologize if you suffer any delay of video game as a an outcome of this procedures.

WIDE open up 6 work A WEEK! Come out, lug family and also friends and experience the Chick-fil-A college Football hall of call Wed - Mon (closed Tuesdays) 10a - 5p ET. Gain our 95,000 square feet that inspiration and also awesome interactive fun!

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