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The university football season has reached the complete line. No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Clemson will play on Monday night in Tampa because that the nationwide championship, in a rematch of critical year’s location game. The tide won that game, 45-40, however the Tigers placed a scare right into them and acquitted themselves well. Currently they have a shot at revenge.

Alabama is 14-0 and looks as dominant as it has at any allude during its existing run of four titles in 7 years under Nick Saban. The birds beat Washington in the Peach bowl Playoff semifinal, 24-7, come punch their ticket come Tampa. They have the best defense in the land and also an violation that’s flourished under a strength spread approach installed by coordinator roadway Kiffin, who’s currently been relieved by Steve Sarkisian.

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Clemson has actually one loss on the season, back in November against Pitt. It is not appropriate now, after the many tigers thrashed Ohio State in the Fiesta bowl to acquire their revenge shot at Alabama. Castle treated city Meyer to the worst lose of his head coaching career, and also they should get in this game with as much confidence as any team might ever have versus college football’s fatality Star.

This is walk to be a wonderful football game. Let’s all enjoy it.

How come watch, stream and also listen

TV: 8 p.m. ET, ESPN, through kickoff comes at 8:17 p.m. ET. The announcers space Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, Samantha Ponder, and also Tom Rinaldi.

Radio: Alabama and also Clemson

Online streaming: WatchESPN

Spread: Alabama is around a 6-point favorite.

Make friends: SB Nation’s role Bama role covers the Tide, and Shakin The Southland covers the Tigers.

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Three huge things come know

1. Deshaun Watson can be finishing a magnificent Clemson career. Whether Watson transforms pro or comes back for another year is as much as him, and maybe this result will have some bearing top top his decision. Either way, Watson has actually been significant over the last pair of years, winning two Davey O’Brien awards and wowing us with his athleticism, his composure, and his appropriate arm. He play well against Bama last year in a effective effort, and he has a pretty good idea that what he is up against. If yes a quarterback who can beat this team, the this guy.

2. Jalen Hurts isn’t going to be Watson. But Alabama’s true freshman could not need to be. If Alabama’s defense and running game hold up, hurts is only going to have to make a pair of really an excellent plays to give Alabama what the needs. One of the benefits of playing for this team is that you’ve acquired a large cushion if you’re no perfect. The struggle for Hurts: Clemson’s front calculation Ohio State’s J.T. Barrett ineffective together a runner, and also if harms can’t run, he’s no that good yet.

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3. Alabama have to win, yet that doesn’t average Alabama will win. The Tide are favorites by a rather comfortable margin, particularly for a location game. However Clemson matches increase pretty fine on offense, with the ideal QB in the country and also a team of receivers who might threaten the Tide’s elite protective backfield. If Clemson can avoid being run over as soon as it’s ~ above defense, the many tigers will have a chance. Against Bama, that’s all you can ask for.