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The huge news the end of the Florida State football regimen on Monday morning wasn’t the the Seminoles shed to Jacksonville State and paid the Gamecocks $400,000 to come in and also steal your pride and also send this college spiraling also further into college football obscurity. The large news is that a member the the Seminoles football team acquired down top top one knee and also proposed to his girl friend after the 20-17 loss come a team out of the Atlantic sunlight Conference.

Redshirt junior offensive lineman Brady Scott got down ~ above his knee and also asked girlfriend Makala Peirce the huge question.

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"You are my world. Forever with you will make me the happiest male in the world! Makala Scott has a quite Ring come it," Scott composed on Instagram around his engagement proposal.

Guys choose Danny Kanell couldn’t think this proposal actually went down, but let’s stop and think around this for a moment. Let’s rest this down and presume a couple of things here. Let’s start by presuming Brady Scott experienced Jacksonville State ~ above the schedule and also figured it would be a comfortable blowout that would make because that the perfect post-game wedding proposal. Let’s additionally presume the Brady knew both families — Makala’s Instagram bio states she’s an FSU alum — could make it come this game and also they’d be in the stands to reap the moment.

You likewise have come think that Brady has tipped turn off some human being from his inner circle the they must stick approximately for miscellaneous that might go down. Yes sir absolutely no backing the end of this proposal. It had to happen. Victory or lose, Brady had actually to get on that knee and also ask Makala come marry him.


And the a genius move going front after a dreadful loss. This proves his love come Makala. Yes sir no bigger way into a woman’s heart 보다 by reflecting she method the people to girlfriend in a time of good vulnerability and also by being home from a golf outing in under six hours.

Those two things are crucial to preserving a marriage, and Brady is plainly ahead that schedule below by dumping the end the inquiry after a horribly ashamed loss. He has actually a trump map in his back pocket FOREVER.

Baby, never forget just how much ns love you. Never ever forget just how I acquired down on my knee after the loss come Jacksonville State that was the beginning of the end for Mike Norvell’s job in Tallahassee. That’s just how much I was in love v you and also still am, Makala.

BOOM, trump CARD.

Now I know there’s the community that absolutely no proposals at sporting events and also they’ll it is in drilling Brady for this one. They’ll come because that his head, however they’re so simple-minded. They check out this proposal together cheap and cliché.

The haters i will not ~ look in ~ this native a long-haul perspective. Lock don’t check out that Makala’s girlfriends will adore that for mirroring such vulnerability.

OMG, Makala, i can’t think he went with with that after that last-second touchdown price them the game. Awwww…I great my fiancé love me fifty percent as lot as Brady loves you.

And climate it’s every going come sink in for Makala.

You’re right, Ash. Ns really to be blessed.

BOOOOOM…Brady is going on so countless golf trips — until children come and also then he’ll have to take a year off before making that a biennial thing since beach trips with the youngsters to get family members photos wearing every white come first and suck increase the holidays budget.

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Hate this proposal every you want, however this 6-foot-6, 322-pounder has plainly been coached in happy wife, happy life and it showed late Saturday in Tallahassee.

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