Michigan and also Ohio State were among the most-watched football program from 2015–19.A couple weeks back, i took a look at which college football programs space the most an useful in this ring of conference realignment.

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I got a the majority of positive feedback from that, and also I truly think it’s the ideal ranking you’ll find when it come to examining each university football programs’ value to TV networks best now.

But one complaint I acquired from a few fans was that those ranking didn’t encompass TV viewership numbers. We are talking about value come TV networks, after all.

I don’t uncover TV viewership number to be a great way to measure worth for a couple of reasons:

The data have the right to be tough to monitor down, and streaming number aren’t constantly included.The time the day and channel make a big impact top top viewership numbers, and particular conferences own specific viewing windows. A USC-Oregon game can’t be play in the 3:30 CBS window, due to the fact that that (currently) belongs come the SEC.The data deserve to be skewed by outliers. Because that example, more than 7 million people watched Ohio State to win TCU in 2018. That’s TCU’s most-viewed game of the last 5 years, by far. However how much of the really had to perform with TCU? The Horned Frogs obtain the advantage of that number, but the video game probably would have actually been viewed by simply as many people if girlfriend swapped in Baylor or Texas Tech.Each conference only has actually so many quality viewing windows, therefore the lower-end teams in every conference room hurt disproportionally by this metric. Because that example, Rutgers, Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky rarely ever get come play in among the big Ten’s or SEC’s prime home windows simply since of the groups they’re contending with because that those spots.

Remember, too, that TV networks pay for these game prior to they air, not after.

Networks authorize these deals years ahead of time for the value they mean to get. Castle don’t understand which teams room going to be ranked in the top 10 five years from now. Castle not in search of programs that space on a roll right now (Iowa State), they’re looking for programs that have high upside (Southern Cal) and/or low downside (Texas).

But friend asked around TV numbers, and I had actually some time turn off from my real job, so ns looked into it.

I wanted a large sample size, so ns logged 1,516 regular-season games with accessible viewership data native the five-year expectations of 2015-19 (I left out 2020 for noticeable reasons). That consists of every televised game involving Notre Dame, BYU, military or a team native the large Ten, SEC, ACC, big 12, Pac-12, AAC or hill West.

Ranking the many watched college football programs


Alabama and Georgia were amongst the most-watched university football program from 2015–19.

The rankings encompass every power 5 team, every AAC team, every mountain West team, plus Notre Dame, BYU and also Army.

The numbers beside each school indicate the average variety of viewers per week from 2015–19. Streaming number are included when available.

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Conference championship games and also bowl games are not contained in these numbers. Gamings that do not have available data to be counted together zero.

Ohio State (5.19M)Alabama (5.09M)Michigan (4.18M)Notre Dame (3.61M)LSU (3.22M)Auburn (3.12M)Georgia (2.91M)Oklahoma (2.90M)Clemson (2.67M)Penn State (2.55M)Florida (2.46M)Wisconsin (2.27M)Texas (2.269M)Florida State (2.23M)Michigan State (2.20M)Southern Cal (1.98M)Texas A&M (1.851M)Tennessee (1.849M)Oklahoma State (1.64M)Mississippi (1.61M)Iowa (1.57M)Nebraska (1.51M)Miami (1.503M)TCU (1.495M)Stanford (1.43M)Oregon (1.34M)Arkansas (1.33M)Washington (1.32M)Mississippi State (1.31M)West Virginia (1.27M)Virginia tech (1.26M)UCLA (1.25M)Louisville (1.22M)Indiana (1.17M)Baylor (1.12M)South Carolina (1.07M)Navy (1.01M)Texas tech (921K)Washington State (909K)Northwestern (867K)Utah (856K)Army (825K)Minnesota (803K)Pittsburgh (781K)North Carolina (749K)Iowa State (747K)California (730K)BYU (714K)NC State (703K)Arizona State (695K)Syracuse (694K)Houston (689K)Kansas State (682K)Maryland (681K)Purdue (620K)Georgia technology (615K)Missouri (611K)Colorado (610K)Virginia (592K)UCF (566K)Memphis (564K)Arizona (561K)Kentucky (484K)Boise State (476K)Vanderbilt (438K)Cincinnati (430K)Duke (410K)USF (407K)Boston college (403K)Illinois (401K)Wake forest (398K)Temple (354K)Kansas (346K)Oregon State (295K)Rutgers (266K)Tulsa (265K)SMU (232K)Colorado State (130K)Fresno State (127K)Wyoming (126K)Air force (121K)New Mexico (97K)Hawaii (94K)East Carolina (82K)Nevada (80K)San Diego State (63K)UNLV (55K)Tulane (42K)San Jose State (30K)