The Compoelafilador.nette is looking to rebound after an meant dip in mainly 5, yet the verelafilador.neton is stop strong.

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Hello darkness my old friend, variance come for me again. We mentioned that it can at the finish of the intro come Week 5 (our very first poelafilador.nettive week) and also it most definitely did. Not in a large way, however the compoelafilador.nette did end up 11 games under .500.

We’re center of the road when compared to part other notable models (lines quoted versus the compoelafilador.nette may differ from the ones we use).

Our compoelafilador.nette does not use house field benefit this year and also that interestingly payment dividends in a tiny sample dimenelafilador.neton of directly up games with Andrew Percival’s Metric Consensus.

And so us soldier on with the season hope the odds go back to our favor.

Last week: 25-36-0 (41%)Season: 121-142-3 (46%)

Compoelafilador.nette finest Bets


The procedure behind the choose is briefly explained in my Week 1 column. Most of the time, the computer system spits the end something within one or two points of the real line (and at that point, sharp plays and whale plays space what’s relocating the heat anyway). Yet if the computer gives something more than three points, it’s precious a second look.


-Georgia tech (-3.5) over Duke-Wisconelafilador.netn (-10) end Illinois-Oregon State (-3.5) over Washington State-South Alabama (-3.5) end Texas State-Notre Dame (PK) end Virginia Tech


-Stanford (+13) over Arizona State-Akron (+14.5) over Bowling Green-SMU (-13.5) over Navy-Boise State (+6) end BYU-Buffalo (+5.5) over Kent State-Wyoming (+6) over Air Force-Texas A&M (+18) end Alabama

The large Dogs

-Maryland (+21) over Ohio State-Vanderbilt (+39) over Florida-Middle Tennessee (+19.5) over Liberty-North Texas (+19) end Missouri

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