The Heisman Chase started in 1935 and also since then specific schools have arised to gain an ext than their fair re-publishing of the Heisman hardware. Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma and also USC have been top Heisman Trophy producers v a long line of football player that aided those schools insurance claim national championships. Except for a stable of to run backs that permitted USC to acquire a stronghold ~ above the award, the trophy has been dominated by schools from the Midwest. Oklahoma’s back to earlier Heisman developing seasons through Baker Mayfield (2017) and Kyle Murray (2018) have actually boosted the Sooners come the top of the perform of school’s bringing residence the stiff-armed trophy.

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The Heisman won by Oklahoma"s Kyler Murray vaulted OU in a tie for first place among the Heisman elite.
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Discover the major colleges tho seeking their first Heisman Trophy winner


Top Heisman Trophy producing Schools

The colleges noted below have actually at least two winners of university football’s height individual award.

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Notre Dame7
Ohio State7
Florida 3
Florida State3
Texas A&M2

When feather at trends impacting future Heisman standings, understanding on exactly how some that the top schools have fared in current years may burned some light on what part colleges may emerge as a leader in the Heisman Chase overall standings. 

Some schools at the optimal of the pack have not had actually a player success or a candidate arise in recent years, if Oklahoma has gained momentum v back-to-back winners.

The last time this leading school created a Heisman winner

Notre Dame – Tim Brown 1987Oklahoma – Kyler Murray 2018Ohio State – trojan Smith 2006USC – Matt Leinhart 2004Nebraska – Eric Crouch 2001Army – Pete Dawkins 1958Michigan – Charles Woodson 1997Auburn – electronic came Newton 2010Florida – Tim Tebow 2007Florida State – Jameis Winston 2013Alabama – Derrick Henry 2015Georgia – Herschel walker – 1982Miami – Gino Torretta 1992Texas – Ricky Williams 1998Texas A&M – Johnny Manziel 2012Navy – Joe Bellino 1960Wisconsin – Ron Dayne 1999Yale – Clinton candid 1937