Ultimo_km1) September 12, 2014Whoever designed this must have climbed increase the Stupid and kicked away the ladder: Colombia Women"s cycling jerseys. Pic.twitter.com/YZgL5LDms8— Cat Cooper (
catrincooper) September 14, 2014The splurge of fist compelled Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) chairman Brian Cookson come chime in, deeming the duds "unacceptable."To the plenty of who have actually raised the concern of a certain women"s team kit, we are on the case. It is unacceptable by any type of standard the decency.— Brian Cookson OBE (
BrianCooksonUCI) September 14, 2014The BBC also censored a group shot.

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Naturally, there was a need to determine the uniform designer who "must have climbed up the stupid and kicked away the ladder," together a Twitter user above so eloquently placed it. It seems that human being is team member Angie Tatiana Rojas, according to Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.Carlos Orlando Ferreira Pinzón, president of Cycling league of Bogota, called El Tiempo that Rojas draft the uniforms, which to be then approved by team sponsors and also partners before production. Team coach Jorge Tenjo said the document that the uniforms to be pre-approved together well. The team is funded by a university in Bogota (San Mateo Educación Superior), the Solgar vitamin company and Bogota"s ar institute that sports and also recreation (IDRD), every USA Today.Among the IDRD, the university and Rojas, none immediately responded come elafilador.net"s inquiry for more comment, but an IDRD spokesperson contradicted what Pinzón and also Tenjo said El Tiempo."We had actually nothing to perform with the selection of uniform architecture for girls," IDRD spokeswoman Alejandra Maldonado told El Tiempo."Solgar Distributors frequently support sports related events," IDRD Vice president of interactions Andrea Staub called elafilador.net. She not sophisticated on the uniforms themselves, however. "The sponsorship the the Colombian cycling team is aligned with our mission to carry out consumers with height quality nutritional additionally to support their total health and well-being."The UCI walk not automatically respond to elafilador.net"s request for further discuss Cookson classifying the uniforms together "unacceptable by any kind of standard that decency."But while the uniforms are now universally reviled, lock don"t seem to it is in new. Pinzón told Spanish news site ABC the they have remained in use because that nine month -- but just recently ended up being a subject of controversy.Indeed, this photo, first pointed out by the cycling blog ChasingWheels.com, mirrors the jerseys in usage at a gyeongju in Colombia in early on August.So possibly the actual lesson below isn"t that some tiny, obscure south American cycle team attract bizarre uniforms. No, perhaps the real class is that if girlfriend look funny in a public place -- regardless of how, why or wherein -- the internet will uncover you. And it will mock you.Consider this your final warning, humanity.

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