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Four student from north Carolina State university came up v the idea the a nail polish that could detect date rape drugs.Undercover colour is lastly releasing a test kit for sale to the public starting Thursday.More than half of college sexual strikes occur in between August and also December and freshman room attacked nearly twice as lot as various other undergraduates.

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The start-up that made headlines four years earlier for occurring a nail polish that would detect day rape medicine is finally releasing a test kit because that sale starting Thursday.

Undercover color scrapped the nail polish in favor of a gender-neutral small, disposable check to detect whether a drink has actually been doctored.

The tests, i beg your pardon use simply a couple of drops that liquid, look and also operate lot like a pregnant test. They have the right to detect Xanax or its generic alprazolam, Valium (diazepam) and flunitrazepam, additionally known together Rohypnol, said CEO Barbara Cook. They carry out not screen for other typical date rape drugs, such as GHB or ketamine.

Four classmates at north Carolina State college came up v the idea more than 4 years ago. The reasoning was to offer women a method to quickly and discreetly test their drink at bars and parties v nail polishing that readjusted colors when dipped into drinks laced with date rape drugs. It would certainly take a couple of years for the scientific research to record up.

Date rape medicine are used in a portion of all sexual assaults, yet they still deserve to put civilization in attention situations. They're tasteless and also odorless, making them virtually impossible to detect and also can make people drowsy or even cause them to black color out.

The Undercover exam are tiny enough to lug in a purse or wallet and also can be purchased digital for $34.99 because that a five-test starter kit or $49.99 for 10 tests.

It takes about a minute to procedure and looks like a quarter-sized medallion v a silver paper coating ~ above one side the resembles a miniature pregnancy test when peeled back. Women can either drop the liquid on the check or dunk it right into a drink. The readout screens one dark pink line if the drink is poor or 2 lines if it's OK.

"We're concentrated mostly on gaining product the end there, and also we want to listen the very first story of how this helps someone due to the fact that that will make it all worth it," said Undercover Colors' manager of research and development, Nick Letourneau, including that it might eventually display a sample or a composed word like newer pregnancy tests do.

Letourneau said scientists gained the pond polish an innovation to a suggest where it was working, however executives decided to shelve the in donate of other that can be used more easily by both men and women. Their sector research showed surprising demand from men, and also not just in the LGBTQ community, the said.

"The technology works," cook said. "The kind in which that modern technology was come be delivered is the point that has advanced over time and to acquire it it right into a form that helps most human being in the best method is to start with is here."

They likewise created a stick-on nail, but it isn't easily accessible for public sale yet.

Undercover colors is time the release as college students head ago to school. The very first semester have the right to be a dangerous time. More than half of university sexual strikes occur in between August and also December, and also freshmen space attacked practically twice as much as various other undergraduates, according to the department of Justice. The agency analyzed sexual attacks of female college students from 2014 to 2015, the many recent data available.

"One of the reasons it's one of the many underreported crime in the student in the first year year is since women think it's your fault. And that's a huge problem," cook said.

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Private investors, including Mike Hockenberry, Marjorie Kaufman, Liz Pharo and Mark Cuban, have backed Undercover Colors, cook said. The start-up has actually not received any kind of institutional investor or venture resources funds.