Please evaluation the adhering to 3-step process before utilizing the online appointment scheduler.

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Step 1:

First, try to use Ours site has actually both driver license and also vehicle services and offers an ext than 30 online services there.

Please just schedule an meeting if you space not default to use online services. For aid with title and also vehicle registration, please contact your ar motor car office.


Step 2:

Know what business you need. This will protect against unnecessary cancellations and will allow you come be prepared for her visit. Scheduling an meeting for a different transaction 보다 the one you intend to make will certainly only result in the cancellation of the appointment (prior come or at the window). 

Please note: State Driver License offices are not at this time offering driving skills tests. If you should schedule a driving an abilities test, please usage this list to find a school that’s offering driving skills tests.

Step 3:

Choose the time, date, and also location for her appointment. Please only schedule one meeting -- scheduling multiple appointments takes accessible appointments from other Coloradans. Many appointments made by the same customer for the same service may an outcome in the cancellation of every appointments for the customer.

After completing these three steps, you are prepared to schedule her appointment. To do so, please use our online scheduler.

  Schedule your appointment online!  

Need come cancel your appointment?

If girlfriend can"t make your appointment, please cancel that by utilizing the connect in her confirmation email so that we can make it available to others. If you no longer have actually your confirmation email, please call 720-295-2965 if you must reschedule her appointment.

How to make an Appointment: visual Walkthrough
Visit to schedule her appointment or call 720-295-2965.


This is whereby you start to schedule your appointment!


U.S. Citizens and temporary legit residents can make an meeting at any kind of State Driver license Office.


The species of appointments obtainable at your chosen office are shown here!
Appointments are obtainable up come 90 work out. Please usage the calendar"s arrow for more dates.
Don"t forget to check the crate for message messages!
Be certain to doublecheck your info!
Appointment FAQ (frequently asked questions)Appointment types

Renew Driver License/ID/Permit: Use this switch if you have a current, or expired much less than one year, license, to know card, or permit and are no eligible come renew online. This appointment form may also be supplied to renew, upgrade or downgrade a driver license, add endorsements, change an resolve or replace lost or stolen DL/ID/Permits. Friend can additionally use this appointment type for transforming your surname on their existing license, I.D. Or permit.Written Test: use this button if you have to take a created test, such together for an instruction allow (including CDL and also motorcycle), or if your license has been expired one year or more. If passed, you will receive an accuse permit.First Time CO DL/ID/Permit: use this button for all initial driver license or identification card issuance; permit issuance if the written test has actually been completed through a 3rd party tester; and also transferring a patent from one more state. This appointment kind can be offered for turning in third party test results, requesting a hearing date, or making a reinstatement payment. Please note: Some workplaces are unable to carry out full reinstatement services. Visit our locations webpage for location-specific business information. Motorcycle journey Test: Use this button for the Motorcycle an abilities Drive Test, i beg your pardon is compelled to upgrade a motorcycle instruction permit to a motorcycle endorsement. This organization is readily available on a minimal basis at just a couple of State driver license offices. This check is also noted by third-party testers throughout written Test: usage this switch to schedule a advertisement Driver License written test.CO-RCSA SB251: use this switch if you space an undocumented resident that does not have actually a existing SB251 credential or if you should take a composed test. CO-RCSA SB251 Renewal: usage this button if you room an undocumented resides who has actually a current SB251 driver license, I.D. Map or indict permit. If no upgrades space needed, you may be eligible to finish this transaction digital at That can additionally be used to update an I.D. To a permit, or a permit to a license, if testing has been completed in ~ a 3rd party.Motor vehicle Report: Please usage this appointment type to inquiry a copy that your own Motor automobile Record (if you space unable to complete this online) or if you have the suitable permissions (completed DR2489), inquiry a copy of an additional customer"s Motor auto Record.MVR/Reinstate/Pay a Ticket/DOT Med: Please use this appointment form if you require to administer requirements and fee to reinstate her driving privilege from a cancellation, denial, suspension or revocation; to administer a current DOT medical card if you are a CDL driver; or if you have actually received a ticket native an agency whose jurisdiction is a county court (you may pay the ticket with us in ~ 40 work of the issuance date of the ticket. If you pay within 20 days, you room eligible because that an automatic allude reduction. This will preclude you having actually to walk to court).Vehicle solutions IRP Originals: Use this switch for worldwide Registration plan services. This is because that carriers conducting business across multiple states. These appointments space for brand-new originals.Vehicle solutions IRP additionally or renewals: usage this switch for worldwide Registration arrangement services. This is for carriers conducting business throughout multiple states. This appointments room for renewals and supplements.Other appointments: All other appointment species are specifically offered at certain locations. These solutions aren’t obtainable at various other State driver patent offices. These appointments and also their locations include:

Reinstatements in ~ LakewoodMotor car Services at Lakewood


How execute I make an appointment?

You might schedule an appointment by phone call 720-295-2965 or by utilizing the online scheduler. Customers with gaming or sports betting questions need to visit the Division of Gaming website.

If making use of the appointment scheduler, pick the service you need.Select the office that you would prefer to visit.Once you select an office, girlfriend will see a calendar. Dates with obtainable appointment slots will certainly be emphasize in green.To advancement to the following month, click the arrow button at the top of the page.Once you choose a job with easily accessible appointment times, a perform of easily accessible times will appear at the bottom that the page.Select the time you great to schedule.Once you pick a time, a web page will come up questioning you to enter your information. You re welcome remember the the name and also date that birth entered into the scheduler must match the person who arrives because that the appointment. This cannot be modified later.The email deal with entered will receive the confirmation email for the appointment.Once you end up entering the information, click submit. You will certainly then check out a check page. Print this web page using the print button at the height right and also bring it v you to her appointment. Please verify that all info on the web page is correct. If the details is not correct, you re welcome click the "x" box at the bottom left the the page to cancel your appointment.How perform I release an appointment?

If you can"t make your appointment, please cancel it by utilizing the attach in your confirmation email so the we deserve to make it available to others. If girlfriend no longer have your check email, please call 720-295-2965 if you need to reschedule her appointment.

How perform I make an meeting to obtain an instruction permit if I have actually taken my written test at a third party school?

Please choose the "First time CO DL/ID/Permit" option from the menu.

Can ns make an meeting to renew my motor automobile registration?

Motor vehicle registration is tackled by individual counties. Please call your ar of residence for more information.

Where can I find office locations?

Please visit our locations page. Keep in mind that appointments made through this scheduler will certainly only happen at state driver license workplaces (large, eco-friendly dots ~ above the map).

Where have the right to I find the offices that offer CO-RCSA SB 251 services?

Offices at this time offering CO-RCSA services:

More information on CO-RCSA SB 251 services deserve to be uncovered here. Appointment online Check-in FAQsWhat is the’s Appointment virtual Check-in upgrade?

The Appointment online Check-in upgrade is an upgrade to our appointment system that provides the greater flexibility in scheduling appointments and permits customers to check in for their appointment from where is many convenient for them.

What do I have to do come participate?

Nothing other than to complete scheduling an meeting at You will do it be asked to get in a contact email address and/or a cellphone number to get text messages.

How do I examine in to my appointment?

There room a few ways friend can inspect into her appointment. Girlfriend can bring our automated email and also a Driver patent technician will certainly scan that barcode; through replying to our SMS text message; or by scanning the QR code located near the enntrance gate of each driver patent office, you will certainly then gain a message once it is time to enter the lobby.

What if i don’t have actually a cellphone, or if mine cellphone doesn’t have actually the ability to scan QR Codes?

The Driver patent technician greeting client will have the ability to check you in.

What wake up after I check in?

You will get an SMS text post notifying you once to walk as much as the building.

Where can I wait because that my appointment?

You select where you desire to wait for her appointment -- car, coffee shop or wherever is many comfortable and convenient for you! 

What if i don’t have actually a computer system or smartphone?

You deserve to still schedule an appointment by phone call the at 720-295-2965 or 303-205-2335 for SB 251 appointments. Each driver license office has actually a greeter and also they can check you in for your appointment.

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Where deserve to I review the news relax on Appointment online Check-in?

You have the right to read that here.