The united States residence of Representatives has passed a bill mandating the release of all M1911/M1911A1 handguns at this time stored by the Army.

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A good chance for us collectors and shooters to own an original WW2 Colt 1911 pistol. The united States residence of Representatives has passed a new version the the 2018 nationwide Defense Authorization plot (NDAA) v an amendment added by united state Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Alabama.

In the plot in now consisted of a delivery that will mandate the release via the Secretary of the military of all M1911 handguns currently in US military inventory to the Civilian Marksmanship program (CMP) for distribution to eligible united state civilians: part 100,000 M1911/M1911A1 handguns, because that whose warehouse the Army (i.e. Taxpayers) currently spends 200,000 us dollars a year. 


The brand-new bill would deliver the largest remaining stock of WWII-era 1911 pistols, part 100,000 guns.

Any us citizen who is no legally prohibited native owning a firearm might purchase a army surplus rifle indigenous the CMP, a united state government-chartered routine that disclosure firearm safety training and also rifle practice. 

The new bill would speed up the transport of possibly the largest remaining stock of armed forces surplus human being War II-era handguns in government hands come the public. (The CMP’s sales that 1911s would of course be treated as various other retail sales under the federal Gun regulate Act, consisting of the attendant background checks and point of sale record keeping.)

The 2016 NDAA already allowed for the relax of 10,000 M1911 handguns via a pilot program, however its provisions did not mandate their deliver to the CMP, and the Obama administration at the time reportedly blocked your release. The 2018 NDAA’s provisions would certainly terminate the pilot program, and instead mandate the release of all excess M1911 handguns to the CMP


The surplus guns will be released to the Civilian Marksmanship program (CMP) for distribution to eligible united state civilians.

What impede the transport till currently was a trouble of wording, due to the fact that the text of ar 1064 that 2016 NDAA check out “the Secretary may transfer”, if the new wording reads “the Secretary shall transfer”. Follow to a statement by Rogers, “This policy has actually been consisted of in the NDAA because 2015, however the Obama management blocked the military to transfer the 1911s because that political reasons. I am hopeful that with the assist of the trumped Administration, we have the right to make this provision a reality”.

The next road block is that the amended bill have to now pass the Senate, however there have to be no opposition.

For more information, please visit Colt website.

We compared the Colt federal government M 1911 with the SIG Sauer 1911 Match Elite: check out the post here.

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