That’s due to the fact that they’re a perversion of every little thing we know. And they shouldn’t work. Yet they do…

Instinct tells us that a $500 1911 handgun can’t work, due to the fact that reasons. Otherwise how might we justification dropping $2,000 as a issue of course?

Cheap weapons That Punch over Their Weight

Well it turns out over there is a small group the cheap 1911s through an absolutely devoted following. These are complete handguns, because that $500 or less, and also you’ll it is in amazed at several of the cheap 1911 handguns top top offer.

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You can also use these for a DIY tradition gun. Since there is no heritage to ruin at this price point. Some of these handguns are offered as an easy as possible to enable for constant upgrades. That’s the whole point.

Best Cheap 1911 Handguns because that Sale in 2020
1. Springfield Armory Mil-Spec Defender 1911

Springfield Armory has actually hit on a win recipe with the Defender series of pistols that have the right to now be uncovered in black color polymer compact pistol and also now 1911 form. Hopefully an AR pistol and also Springfield Saint Defender AR-15 is ~ above the way too.

The Springfield Armory Mil-Spec Defender 1911 appears to follow the same straightforward recipe. It’s a solid frame, with basic as hell accessories you have the right to swap out, or not. To the right night sights or every little thing you favor to this base design from the 1911 components bin.

The forged carbon stole frame and also slide space the American classic GI configuration. And also it’s good. Yes, really good. The basics are beyond the world of budget plan 1911s and this is accurate and also reliable. Those are an excellent starting points for affordable 1911s.

Even the cold hammer forged 5 customs barrel is match-grade, for this reason it’s exact amd reliable. The ejection harbor is flared and you acquire a lot of trickle down tech from Springfield’s more expensive guns.

For this price range, that’s awesome. It’s a good gun and an even far better starter gun because that a DIY 1911 build. It’s not rather a bull barrel, however you don’t require that really…

The range Officer, TRP and an ext are continuous stars in our write-ups of the ideal 1911s in greater price ranges, and all the basics are here. That includes those slanted slide serrations, that have actually proved a success on an ext expensive 1911 pistols.

The thumb-safety bar is no ambidextrous and also you get 3-dot sights, rather than Tritium Luminescent night sights. Yet you deserve to fit night sights yourself, next month…

1911 handgun parts & equipment aren’t exactly thin on the ground. Therefore you can dress increase this forged GI framework with a GI style recoil spring together you view fit.

The necessary thing is the foundations of the home are right. They are with these budget plan 1911s. This is the ceiling bones and also you have the right to pick up the right 1911 parts at your local gun shop, gun fairs or virtual gun stores.

The framework is parkerized and also the stainless steel slide is Melonite coated, as is the way at Springfield with basically all of its handguns because that sale.

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The Springfield Mil-Spec Defender 1911 is a great 1911 in ~ a much higher price. For less than $500, this is the finest cheap 1911 handgun because that sale in 2020.



3. EAA Girsan MC1911SC Officer



5. Taurus PT1911

Price: $499.99Caliber: 45 ACPBarrel: 5 inchTotal: 8.5 inchWeight: 2.38lbCapacity: 8+1