When very first released in 1927 ,the Colt Detective special was intended for pretty much exactly what the name implies: a tiny frame dual action revolver in the considerably an effective .38 unique caliber that can be hidden by detectives, plain clothing police officers, or mean citizens. When selling or to buy the Detective unique it is vital to be able to identify the four distinct “Issues” the collectors classify castle in, much like the three generations that the Colt single Action Army. The easiest means of finding the end what collection of Detective special you have actually is to search the serial variety of your revolver (found on the frame, visible as soon as the cylinder is open) with Colt’s website for free. This will provide you a manufacture date that can be used to the adhering to Issues. Because that a depth dive into the history of the Colt Detective Special check out our blog article covering it.

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Colt an initial Issue Detective special Revolver. Sold might 2019 because that $2,300.

First worry Colt Detective special (1927 - 1946)

The start day of the first Issue that Colt Detective Specials is easy enough to pin down as it was 1927, once the revolver was first released. The end date of this problem is a bit contentious amongst Detective one-of-a-kind collectors, however for our objectives we will usage the day of 1946, which is in line with the latest concerns of the Blue book of total Values. This is the date where many changes were made to the design, which we will discuss in the next section. Part collectors allude to 1933 as the end of the very first Issue once the tiny snub nose v a square target switched over to a rounded butt. Very first issue revolvers are fairly desirable and also would do an extremely well in any kind of of ours auctions if you would like to consign one v Rock Island Auction Company.

Proper finish label for a 1st Issue Colt.

Second problem Colt Detective one-of-a-kind (1947 - 1972)

Second worry Detective Special. Accessible in our February 2020 auction.

The 2nd Issue because that Colt Detective Specials started in 1947 and also would eventually end up the biggest of the four issues. Throughout this worry Colt started making some modifications to the sights, moving away from the “half-moon” front sight of the very first Issue and also to a new, wider, ramp form front sight. Other transforms were made throughout this issue, including grooves top top the hammer and trigger instead of checkering, a smooth cylinder latch rather of checkered, and an extensive ejector rod. The second Issue that Colt Detective Specials ended in 1972, but they are still widely easily accessible at nearly any price suggest and problem level, browse our catalog and also see because that yourself.

Third problem Colt Detective one-of-a-kind (1973 - 1986)

Colt 3rd Issue Detective special Revolver. Obtainable in February 2020 auction

The third Issue the Colt Detective special Revolvers started in 1973, and is frequently quite easy to pick out when contrasted to the an initial two Issues. The biggest adjust with this concern would be the enhancement of the ejector rod real estate to the bottom of the barrel. Colt also changed the front vision yet again throughout this Issue, ditching the old quick ramp that the critical Issue. The Detective Specials of the third Issue, and those after, to be fitted with a lengthy ramp front sight that slopes increase for virtually the entire length that the barrel. The 3rd Issue revolvers are often quite desirable amongst collectors since they to be the very first Issue rated because that .38 distinct +P ammunition. The third Issue and also Detective distinct as a version was discontinued in 1986.

Fourth worry Colt Detective distinct (1993 - 1995)

As is frequently the situation with big gun manufacturers, over there are frequently plenty of extra components laying around, even from stop models. Why wouldn’t they conference up every one of these parts, rally them into guns, and sell lock to the general public as an “extremely limited release while gives last one-of-a-kind edition”? Well that is precisely what Colt did in 1993. However, to their surprise, the limited issue sold incredibly well. Due to high sales they decided to proceed making the Colt Detective unique for two an ext years, prior to it to be yet again discontinued in 1995. This issue is physically almost identical to the last issue, various other than the Pachmayr rubber grips they to be fitted with. The critical two concerns are probably the most obtainable of these revolvers because that those searching for a shooter or a carry gun and can be found in our catalogs regularly.

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This, that course, just covers the four original worries of the Colt Detective Special. The would ultimately come the SF-VI (Stainless Frame) and also the DS-II (Detective one-of-a-kind II). Because that collectors, over there are likewise a selection of barrel, lengths, calibers, army models, embellished models, and also finishes to find across the various issues. Integrate this with their low cost of entry, funny factor, and ease of carrying concealed and also you have actually one desirable little wheelgun.

Military Inspected Colt Detective Special 1st Issue. Sold might 2011 because that $4,888

Colt Detective Specials because that Sale

The little snubnose revolver largely credited for beginning it all, also gave increase to numerous other variants of small, concealable revolvers for Colt such together the Banker's Special, and also the Commando Special. That is frame, once switched come aluminum, observed the birth of the Colt Cobra, i m sorry in turn progressed into the rare M13 Aircrewman, the Courier, the Agent, and the Viper. How's the for a family members tree?

If you room looking to buy a Colt Detective unique or have one that you space interested in consigning please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-238-8022 or visit ours website https://www.elafilador.net/

Factory Engraved Pre-World battle II Colt Detective distinct DA Revolver inscriptions to famous Trap Shooter Frederick Rudolph Etchen with manufacturing facility Pearl Grips. Marketed in September 2019 because that $21,850