despite the national debate on gun control, Colt insisted the suspension the AR-15 production for... <+> civilians was due to fluctuations in the U.S. Total market.

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The Topline:Gun makerColt announced Thursday the it will stopproducingrifles for the consumer market due to weak demandbut the move comes as scrutiny mounts over its popular AR-15 gun and its use in number of mass shoot incidents.

TheWest Hartford, Connecticut-based companysaid it will still producerifles for the police and military contracts and will sell handguns in the customer market.
The Colt"s AR-15 was the an initial semiautomatic variation of the M-16 attack rifle sold to civiliansand ~ Colt"s patents expired the term AR-15 became a genericdescriptorfor other similar rifles marketed by other gun makers. AR-15 format rifles were provided in Parkland, Florida, Pulse Nightclub and also the Sandy Hook fixed shootings.

Crucial quote: “The truth of the matter is the over the last couple of years, the sector for contemporary sporting rifles has actually experienced far-reaching excess production capacity,” stated Colt CEO Dennis Veilleux. “Given this level of production capacity, we think there is enough supply for modern-day sporting rifles for the foreseeable future.”

Key background: Colt has actually framed the decision to avoid selling rifles to civilians together an economic decision and while sales the AR-15 layout rifles have actually slumped since President Donald Trump"s electionthere is a cultivation chorus calling for action on gun control.Colt "s AR-15 has been provided in several high-profile shootings in current years;with around half of the 10 deadliest mass shooting in contemporary U.S. Historyinvolving the AR-15s or a similar rifle. The push on the total industry has actually stepped up in the wake of the El Paso, Texas, shoot in august withBeto O’Rourke calling for mandatory buybacks of assault rifles if the other autonomous presidential candidates echoed their assistance for gun control reform.Campaignersscored a major victory earler this summer whenretail huge Walmart announced that wouldstop stocking ammunition that could be offered in AR-15-style attack rifles.

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