Parents at the posh Columbia Grammar & Preparatory institution are outraged they were never ever told that a 4th “R” being included to the curriculum: raunch.

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In enhancement to the usual reading, ‘riting and also ‘rithmetic, the college this month released lessons on erotic — without informing households or enabling them come opt out, parents fumed.

When juniors in ~ the $47,000-a-year Manhattan school verified up for a health and sexuality workshop, most thought it to be “just going to be about condoms or bear control,” a college student told The Post.

Instead, it to be something referred to as “Pornography Literacy: one intersectional focus on mainstream porn,” teach by Justine Ang Fonte, who’s the director of wellness & wellness at one more elite prepare school, Dalton.

The often-explicit slide presentation and lecture through Fonte come the 120 boys and also girls consisted of lessons on exactly how porn takes treatment of “three big male vulnerabilities”; statistics on the “orgasm gap” reflecting straight females have far fewer orgasms v their partners 보다 gay men or women; and also photos of partially-nude women, some in bondage, to analyze “what is porn and also what is art.”

Justine Ang Fonte claims her teachings stem from the social concept “intersectionality”, a ingredient from critical race theory. Twitter

Fonte’s presentation, some of which was checked out by The Post, contained a perform of the many searched pornographic terms of 2019, consisting of “creampie,” “anal,” “gangbang,” “stepmom” and more.

One on slide cited various porn genres such as “incest-themed,” consensual or “vanilla,” “barely legal,” and “kink and BDSM” (which contained “waterboard electro” torture porn as an example).

“We were every like, ‘What?"” a female student said. “Everyone was text massage each other, ‘What the hell is this? It’s therefore stupid.’ anyone knows around porn. The worst part of it was that it took place not long before the AP tests and I had to miss both mine AP classes because that this.”

One component of the erotic presentation affiliated something called the “marketability of just Fans,” the hot new app used largely for sex work. One slide consisted of a photograph of a nice young woman who showed up to be cultivating OnlyFans-type work.

“I identify as non-binary,” she is quoted together saying, “but due to the fact that that hasn’t fight the general consciousness the the adult industry, ns say ‘girl,’ because that’s what civilization who desire to buy mine content will certainly be looking for.”

The introduction slide come Justine Ang Fonte’s workshop ~ above “Pornography Literacy: an intersectional focus on mainstream porn.”

The female Columbia Prep student said most of the kids, aged 16 and also 17, watched the great on Zoom from house — which is what alerted some parents to it — but some were at the school and also made to assemble in the gym with each other to watch it on your laptops.

“We were all so shocked and also mortified,” the girl called The Post. “We were all like, ‘Why room they doing this? Why execute they think it’s OK?’

“We were an alleged to prize questions about the porn stuff in the Zoom chat yet we were all side-chatting in group chats and tons of youngsters thought it to be so dumb the they sent out the attach to your friends all over the city and they were all logging on through the password.”

Justine Ang Fonte attempts come differentiate in between art and also porn in she workshop on “Pornography Literacy: one intersectional emphasis on mainstream porn.”

The girl speak to The post with her mother. Both spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“No one wants to be cancelled or lose their livelihood and also that can be excellent in one instant,” the mother said. “Most parents feeling the same means I do about not going public yet at the same time we’re extremely frustrated through what’s walk on. No one of the parents knew this was planned. We were totally left in the dark. It renders us wonder what rather the school is increase to.”

Another parental of a middle-schooler in ~ the pre-K-12th-grade institution said, “It’s outrageous the the college is presenting pornography right into a tendency classroom and beginning to indoctrinate kids. The goal of this is come disrupt families.

Justine Ang Fonte confirmed students the many searched pornographic terms during 2019.

“Why is the college making erotic a priority as opposed to physics, art, literary works or poetry?” she asked.

Three other parents who spoke to The write-up said they asked college administrators to display them contents from the presentation ~ it took place but were rebuffed. One mom sent a letter to the school and was granted a conversation with administrators by Zoom, she said.

“The conversation go nowhere,” she called The Post. “The sophistry was incredible.”

The Columbia prep student claimed she didn’t know what Fonte to be attempting to teach them.

Justine Ang Fonte instructs college student on the purpose of tendency porn.

“I didn’t know what the overarching message or layout was,” she said. “I psychic what stood the end was this one part when she showed pictures of what might be considered porn or taken into consideration body positivity however it didn’t assist me through anything.”

Fonte, 35, decreased to comment and referred The short article to Columbia Prep and Dalton. Dr. Wilhelm M. Donohue, the head of college at Columbia Prep, did not respond to calls and emails native The Post.

A spokesman because that Dalton, whereby parents have told The write-up that Fonte teaches class to an initial and 2nd graders that include inappropriate discussions of sexuality, possibly about masturbation, protected Fonte’s work.

Justine Ang Fonte shows statistics ~ above orgasm rates amongst heterosexuals, gay men, bisexuals and also lesbians.

“Dalton does not teach, nor have actually we ever taught, the kind of curriculum that is being suggested,” the spokesman said. “Our health classes do teach students essential lessons related to body positivity, consent, and also boundary setup with friends and also others. A small number of parents that misinterpreted the great this fall and expressed concerns were available meetings v faculty to clarify. No added concerns have been expressed come faculty.”

Fonte’s website claims she has actually “reveled in disrupting health education for 10 years” and frames she “pedagogy through the lens the Kimberlé Crenshaw’s teachings ~ above intersectionality.”

Crenshaw, 62, is a legislation professor in ~ Columbia University and also the UCLA institution of regulation and an early proponent of vital race theory who coined the word “intersectionality” much more than 30 years ago. The refers to exactly how people’s society identities overlap and how some are disadvantaged by their race, class, sex identity, sexual orientation or religion.

Justine Ang Fonte reflects off the species of pornography legal come distribute.

Fonte’s workshop seems to be connected with a “pornography literacy” program for teens developed in 2016 in Boston v a partnership through the city wellness Commission and also a Boston university professor.

Among other things, the beforehand program was designed come teach students that “pornography is created for entertainment and generally not for instructional purposes” and about the danger, say, of text massage each other nude photos. Yet parents and students were an alleged to it is in alerted to the contents of the class before it was given.

The Fonte presentation apparently did not include anything about the risks of sexting.

Columbia Grammar and also Prep school on 36 West 93rd Street in Manhattan.Brian Zak

“This is all part of an orthodoxy that has actually taken end schools throughout the country,” a spokesman for FAIR, the structure Against Intolerance and Racism, called The Post. “Millions of children are gift experimented on through a new curriculum that racializes and also sexualizes young children, brand them by traits like skin color, gender or sexual orientation, and also tells them the routes of their stays are established by those traits.”

Columbia Grammar & prep School, top top 93rd Street near central Park, was established in 1764 and its remarkable alumni encompass Herman Melville, buy it Michelle Gellar and also Ally Sheedy.

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Columbia Grammar and also Prep School supposedly did no warn students of Justine Ang Fonte’s raunchy great on “Pornography Literacy”.Brian Zak

The mother of a young child at the college told The short article that Columbia Prep is one of the last personal schools in the city “not to have actually gone down the radicalized hare hole.” however she said the institution is top top the verge of rental a DEI — a diversity, equity and also inclusion director. She claimed parents are banding with each other to sway administrators to pause the hire and consider intake from establishments like FAIR and FIRE, which support for cost-free speech and denounce critical race theory and also other so-called “woke” policies.