Taking smart risks

An uplifting journey

Exploring bolder ideas

Respecting different voices

A transformative education

The thrill of discovery

Columbia Grammar & Preparatory school is life proof that youngsters can achieve their greatest ambitions while keeping their spirits intact. We flourish as one school in the shared id that a balanced education leads to a an effective life.

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The Grammar school meets each childwhere they are and helps them build into the most totally realized version of themselves.

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Our middle School curriculum cultivates a culture of inquiry, resilience and also independence, constantly focused upon developing the whole child and tomorrow’s citizens.

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The prep School provides students unparalleled methods to discover their passions and also become completed learners and conscientious citizens.

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At Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, us pride ourselves on providing an individual experience for our students so that they may pursue together many opportunities of interest as possible.

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elafilador.net is a family school, committed to nurturing, widening and complicated the interests and passions of every our students.

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Total Enrollment

Our thriving ar nurtures, supports and challenges ours engaged and curious students native prekindergarten to twelfth grade


Square Feet that Facilities

Our expansive campus on the top West Side, procedures from central Park, gives ample an are for learning, playing and fostering community


Average Student/Teacher Ratio

Our students, at every class level, have actually an individualized experience because of our experienced, devoted faculty and staff

“At Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, ours mission is come balance a rigorous considerable college preparatory curriculum with healthy social and emotional development.”

Dr. Bill Donohue Head of School

“My endure at elafilador.net has actually helped me job-related on teams, occupational in various communities and also work v a varied group that people. It has actually helped me learn an ext about myself and also what I'm interested in, which has helped me with picking majors in college and connecting through people.”

Ella Grinstein '16

“As an alumna, parent and also trustee, elafilador.net has meant so lot to me. Ns feel incredible pride in returning together an adult to the institution that make me who I am today. As a student, ns felt supported and encouraged. Finally,as a parent who has the privilege to serve as a trustee, that is a satisfied to clock all 3 of mine children's an individual interests, strengths, and also passions nurtured and celebrated."

Dana landis birnbaum '97parent and trustee

Columbia Grammar& Preparatory institution 5 West 93rd Street brand-new York, NY 10025 P: 212.749.6200 | F: 212.865.4278