The Dalton School expenses $36,970 a year and offers Zen Dance.Credit...Michael Appleton because that The brand-new York Times

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THERE are certain mathematical realities connected with new York City private schools: there are more students 보다 seats in ~ the top-tier schools, at least three sets of twins will be vying head come head because that spots in any kind of class, and also already-expensive tuition deserve to only walk up.

Way up.

Over the past 10 years, the typical price of very first grade in the city has gone up by 48 percent, adjusted for inflation, contrasted with a 35 percent boost at private schools country — and also just 24 percent at an Ivy league college — according to tuition data noted by 41 new York City K-12 private schools to the national Association of live independence Schools.

Indeed, this year tuition in ~ Columbia Grammar and Preparatory ($38,340 for 12th grade) and also Horace Mann ($37,275 because that the top school) is greater than harvard ($36,305). Those 41 schools (out that 61 new York City private schools in the national association) noted enough data to allow a 10-year analysis. (Over all, inflation led to prices in basic to rise 27 percent over the past decade.)

The typical 12th-grade tuition because that the existing school year to be $36,970, increase from $21,100 in 2001-2, according to the nationwide association’s survey. Nationally, that figure rose to $24,240 from $14,583 a decade ago.

With colleges already setting tuition prices for the 2012-13 institution year — Brearley’s is $38,200 — parental at Horace Mann, Columbia Grammar and Trinity room braced to uncover out whether they will certainly join households at Riverdale country School in the $40,000-a-year club. (Riverdale actually charges $40,450 because that 12th grade.) In fact, it shows up to it is in a concern not of “if,” however “when.”

“Within one to two years, every independent college will cost an ext than $40,000,” stated one board member at a height school that spoke ~ above the condition of anonymity because the school had not yet collection tuition.

And the is before requests because that the yearly fund, tickets to the yearly auction gala and capital projects to develop a(nother) gym.

Parents space reluctant come complain, at the very least with your names attached, for are afraid of hurting students’ standing (or siblings’ admissions chances). However privately, numerous questioned paying an ext for the same. “The school’s constantly had an impressive teacher-to-student ratio, discovering specialists and art programs with great music and theater,” said one mommy whose kids attend the Dalton school ($36,970 a year). “It was good a decade earlier and an excellent now.”

“They space outrageous,” claimed Dana Haddad, a personal admissions consultant, referring to tuitions. “People don’t desire to put a price tags on your children’s future, therefore they are willing come pay more than plenty of of them deserve to afford.”

Administrators at number of of brand-new York’s top schools meeting the tuition inflation to climbing teacher salaries, ever-expanding programs and also renovations to aging buildings. They noted that tuition still covered only about 80 percent of the price of educating each son (that is what every the fund-raising is about). As at most companies, a bulk of the costs — and also the fastest-growing boosts — come native salaries and also benefits, particularly as notoriously low-paying personal schools try to compete with public institution compensation.

“Some brand-new York colleges have had actually a 5, 10 or together high together 30 percent boost in the cost of their medical plans,” said mark Lauria, the executive, management director that the brand-new York State association of independent Schools.

And payment teachers is just a item of the puzzle. Léman Manhattan Preparatory School has a gym whose floor is cleaned twice a day. The Trinity School has actually three theaters, 6 art studios, two tennis courts, a pool and also a diving pool. Poly Prep country Day School raised $2 million to open a learning facility this year that has actually six full-time employees offering one-on-one assist with subjects as differed as note-taking and test-taking.

“Parents are just expecting much more and much more of live independence schools,” said David B.

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Harman, the headmaster at Poly Prep. “Trying to meet that demand, the expectation, is expensive.”