COLOMBIA'S world Cup hopes were high: they had finished peak of your qualifying group, beaten Argentina 5-0, and also been tipped as favourites through Brazilian legend Pele.

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But your 1994 project ended in disaster, with an early own score by defender Andrés Escobar, an departure at the end of the group stages, and the subsequent murder of Escobar exterior a Colombia nightclub.


Colombian defender Andrés Escobar scored an own goal against the us in the 1994 world CupCredit: AFP - Getty

that was later on shot through a drug cartel believed to have actually lost money betting top top the gameCredit: Rex Features

The occasions surrounding Escobar's fatality still have a lasting visibility for the country, with many of the conditions that led to it persisting today.

Despite current reductions in the homicide rate, one ongoing and also pervasive civil war has meant crime in Colombia has prospered for decades.

The nation still frequently ranks together the world's biggest producer that cocaine, while its drug lords have actually at different points ranked among the richest guys in the world.

Escobar's very own goal come in a 2-1 loss come the US, and it is believed that members that a powerful drug cartel had huge amounts the money riding ~ above the game.

The team's failure led to a backlash at home, yet Escobar ignored friends that told him to lie low till it had died down, saying: "I must display my challenge to mine people."

Five days after the at an early stage exit, he was murdered while sit in his vehicle outside a nightclub in the Colombian city the Medellín.

He to be shot six times, and it was later reported that his killers shouted “Goal!” v each shot, one because that each time the match's commentator had shouted words as the goal was broadcast.

Humberto Castro Muñoz, a bodyguard because that the drug barons thought to have lost money, was arrested the next day and also confessed to the murder.

An estimated 120,000 world attended Escobar's funeral, and also the anniversary the his fatality is still significant at matches in Colombia every year.


Carlos Sanchez, right, received death threats ~ being sent out off during Colombia's opening video game of the 2018 human being CupCredit: Reuters


Since the mid-1960s, the so-called Colombian problem has raged in between the government of Colombia, crime syndicates, and also paramilitary groups.

Much the the problem has been fuelled by the trade in drugs, a market in i beg your pardon organised crime has actually been able to thrive, with the civilian populace often captured in the crossfire.

In 1995, Colombia's fatality by homocide price was 69.7 per 100,000 people, compared to 1.5 every 100,000 in the UK.

Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, Pablo Escobar, Colombia's most notorious drug lords, was among the richest men in the world.

It is estimated that at his height, his organisation provided 80 every cent of the cocaine smuggled right into the joined States, generating him over $21bn of personal income a year.

The problem also allowed criminals to act with loved one impugnity.

An investigation in 1994 discovered that only 3 percent of crimes committed in Colombia ever before reach a righteousness verdict, equating to just two verdicts per month because that the whole country.

More recently, a collection of anti-narcotics operations flourished in to reduce cocaine production, yet in 2017 it rebounded come an all-time high.

Efforts to end the dispute in recent years have developed tentative agreements in between the government and rebel groups.

A ceasefire deal was rejected by national referendum in 2016, yet Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel tranquility Prize because that the development his federal government had made towards an finish to the civil war.

Three year ago, fatality threats were sent out to midfielder Carlos Sanchez after that was sent off versus Japan just three minutes right into Colombia's an initial game that the 2018 people Cup.

The risks led Escobar's brother Santiago, a previous footballer himself and also now manager of Ecuadorian side Universidad Catolica, to speak out.

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“As a brothers who has gone through this, I know what should be going through their heads, and also I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that," the said.