One the the first students come escape from Columbine High institution is doubted by police.

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Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post

A Columbine High school shooting victim is lugged to St. Anthony main hospital by helicopter.


Shaun Stanley, The Denver Post

Students room bused far from Columbine High school after they escaped indigenous the school with police assistance.


Shaun Stanley, The Denver Post

Swat team members move towards Columbine High School near Littleton Colorado on April 20, 1999.


Craig Walker, The Denver Post

A parent is reunited with his daughter at a home where more than 25 student had found shelter once shooting broke out at Columbine High School near Littleton.


Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post

A Colorado State trooper escorts two students native a residence where much more than 25 students found shelter after ~ shooting broke out in ~ Columbine High school in Littleton.


Shaun Stanley, The Denver Post

Teacher Judy Greco is get rid of with emotion as she describes the occasions at Columbine High school to a police officer. She was among the first to be rescued.


Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post

Tim Grams climbs the end a window of his Polk Ave home to talk through a swat team member who was working the step at Columbine High college on April 20, 1999.


Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post

Columbine Sophomore Megan Coxey is comforted by junior Ara Maranian. Coxey to be in class when shooting broke out in ~ Columbine High college on April 20, 1999, however managed to escape.


Brian Brainerd, The Denver Post

At Leawood elementary school School, parents were rejoined with their children April 20, 1999.


John Prieto, The Denver Post

Just phibìc of Columbine High institution two student cried with each other on April 20, 1999.


Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post

A rescue worker rests ~ above the back of an ambulance on while functioning the scene at Columbine High college in Littleton ~ above April 20, 1999.

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published top top April 21, 1999. It has been republished for the 20th anniversary the the Columbine High school shooting and also reflects information known at the time of reporting.

Two students, cloaked in black color trench coats and armed v guns and also bombs, opened up fire Tuesday in ~ Columbine High School, killing 15 people and also wounding 28 others in the worst college shooting in U.S. History.

Police found the 2 suspects shoot to fatality in the library. All the dead remained in the school overnight together police neutralized 30 bombs and booby catch that had actually been left behind by the suspects. The last toll that dead and also wounded wasn’t announced till this morning.

The masked shooters an initial targeted specific victims, specifically ethnic minorities and also athletes, then randomly sprayed college hallways about 11:30 a.m. V bullets and shotgun blasts, witnesses said. The bloody rampage spanned four hours.

COLUMBINE: two decades LATER


In this image from television, a Columbine High college student is rescued with a window by emergency personnel throughout the shooting main actor at the college in the southwest Denver suburb the Littleton, Colo., Tuesday, April 20, 1999.

At one point, a bloody young dangled under from a second-floor home window and was captured by two SWATteam members. Another person organized up a sign in a class window: “Help, I’m bleeding come death.”

“There space some that were killed as they were hiding under desks,” stated an officer who was within the school. “Some looked choose they were trying to crawl away. They were executed – shooting in the head.”

With news of the killing being transfer locally and nationally top top live television, Columbine High college Klebold looked like a war zone. Medical helicopters landed on surrounding athletic fields, then whisked the wounded come six regional hospitals. An ext than 2,000 people across metro Denver waited in line to donate blood. Panicked parental rushed come the institution for news around their children. Part talked to your trapped youngsters on cell phones.


At Leawood Elementary school worried parents Marcel and Cathy Savoi wait because that word of their son, Justin, 15. After 4 long hours, they were reunited.

At 6:25 p.m., Jefferson County ar Attorney Dave thomas told parental gathered inside Leawood Elementary institution that at least 10 bodies might not be removed automatically from the high school because there were bombs close to the bodies.

Parents to be told to carry their children’s dental records. Part parents vomited.

Search warrants to be executed Tuesday night at the suspects’ homes, the ar attorney said. The sheriff stated the gunmen provided at the very least one automatic attack rifle and also several shotguns in the attack.

At 8 p.m., Michael Shoels was still awaiting indigenous on his son, Isaiah, one 18-year-old senior. Shoels feared his kid was targeted due to the fact that he was black.

“This late, it’s no looking great at all,” Shoels said. “It’s choose a Harris dream I’m do the efforts to wake up from. … I simply wish everybody would certainly pray because that my family.” Shoels’ two various other children also attend Columbine, and also they to be safe.

The shootings to be the recent in a series of school shootings because 1997 that have actually shocked the nation and brought about calls for tighter security and closer security of troubled students. Two people were killed at a college in Pearl, Miss., three at West Paducah, Ky., five at Jonesboro, Ark., and also two at a college in Springfield, Ore.

President Clinton opened up a news conference Tuesday through calling for prayers for the students, teachers and also staff in ~ Columbine. The murders come as Gov. Invoice Owens and also the Colorado Legislature have tried to pass a bill to liberalize the state’s concealed-weapons laws.

Jenni LaPlante, 18, said among the suspected shooters to be calm Tuesday morning in ~ a beforeschool bowling class. She stated the college student was exceptionally smart.

“He knew every the answers. If we were reading Shakespeare, he would know the surprise meaning,” LaPlante said.

“I’ve never seen lock lash the end at anyone,” LaPlante said. “But I would certainly say, “Why execute you guys wear all that German stuff? room you Nazis?’ and they would say, “Yeah, Heil Hitler.’- ” LaPlante claimed she never knew even if it is the suspects were joking.

One shooter was in Michele Fox’s creative-writing class.

“They hate our school. They dislike everything about it,” stated Fox, 18, a senior. “In our class, we need to read the end loud and stuff, and also they would always write around death. Castle wore black color trench coats with combat boots and their trousers tucked right into them.”

Ben Grams, a junior, referred to as the Trench cloak Mafia team “a bunch that unwanted children who were teased and also pushed roughly a lot.”

Another student claimed the team talked often in class about beheading people, and also many regularly sang and also quoted songs by shock-rocker Marilyn Manson. Some additionally wore bands the read, “I hate people.”

Students said the bloodshed began when 2 students – pull on in black color trench coats and also masks the were bring away on and off – hurled at least one bomb onto the college roof during the A-track lunch hour. One more bomb was stashed in a backpack and also left through the prior door.

John Cook, 16, a sophomore, to be eating lunch outside with friends as soon as the violence started.

“These males opened fire ~ above every thing that looked human,” cook said. “They were shooting at some youngsters down below, then they pointed in ~ us and started shooting. Bullets were bouncing everywhere. Two guys next come me got hit.”

As the gunmen hustled right into the school and through the hallways, panic spread. Casey Fisher, 15, to be buying his having lunch in the cafeteria through a friend. “My friend came out and he to be standing 10 feet indigenous the guy, and they shooting him and also he dropped to the ground,” Fisher said.

Karen Nielson, a cafeteria worker, said, “I do the efforts to aid the others, however he just kept firing.” part witnesses report hearing as numerous as 15 bomb blasts. At one point, a bomb exploded and also hurt several students, including one girl later hospitalized v eight shards in her chest. “I was running for my life,” stated Crystal Enney, 18, a senior.

Smoke spread, and the fire alarm blared. In the chaos, some students sprinted to safety. Others were gunned under in the hall. A few tried locking us in bathrooms.

In Katie Crona’s freshman earthsciences class, student dived under their desks. In the following classroom, students might hear home windows being blasted the end by gunmen. A few students escaped and told exactly how others had actually been shot. “We satellite there in a circle for 4 hours. Us were huddled together. It was terrifying,” Crona said. The students heard someone tugging at your classroom doorknob, but it was locked. The gunmen continued on.

The worst carnage was in the library, whereby the gunmen terrorized 45 other students through bullets – and also maniacal laughs.

“They were going roughly asking human being why they have to let them live,” said Todd, the 15-year-old sophomore. “Once when they shot a black kid, one of them said, “Oh mine God, look in ~ this black kid’s brain! Awesome, man!’

“They came as much as me, spicy a gun at my head and asked if ns was a jock. I claimed no. Basically I lied. Castle said, “It’s revenge time top top jocks because that making united state outcasts.’- ”

Jonathan Vandermark, 16, a sophomore, claimed he passed 3 bodies in a stairwell as he and also other students were rescued from the biology lab by a SWAT team. Shards that glass were everywhere, he said.

Vandermark was about 20 feet away from one of the shooters once gunfire broke out. He described the tools as being choose Uzis. Various other witnesses recalled a sawed-off shotgun and also at least one handgun. “A teacher that tried to help us to be shot in the arm,” stated Vandermark, who hid in the biological lab.

Meanwhile, Scott Cornwell, father of senior Matt Cornwell, got a cell-phone contact from his trapped son, who was barricaded in the choir room with 40 various other students.

“He to be whispering. The said, “Dad, we’re inside. There are 40 the us. What’s walking on?’- ”

The father took his cell phone to a police commander, that told them, “Get away from the door!”

Police claimed they discovered the two suspects shooting to death in the library. Numerous bombs were discovered in one suspect’s house, and also police later uncovered two cars parked exterior the institution that had been booby-trapped v bombs.

Today the Colorado Legislature had been reserved to controversy a invoice to liberalize the state’s concealedweapons laws, but all legislative occupational was canceled due to the fact that of the shootings.

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Gov. Owens, who supports liberalized concealed-weapons laws, comforted families at the crime scene with his wife, Frances, however refused to discuss the pistol legislation.

“We’re no immune from the troubles you view in various other parts the the country,” Owens said. “Perhaps our innocence is shed today.”