U.S. Navy sailors assigned to the 366th cultivate Squadron for training carry out emergency repairs to a simulated water key in the Water and also Fuel systems Maintenance Apprentice food at Sheppard Air pressure Base, Texas, June 24, 2015. (Danny Webb/U.S. Waiting Force)
The mission the the marine is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready navy forces capable of to win wars, deterring aggression and also maintaining freedom of the seas. This mission requires experienced sailors that maintain and also operate the most sophisticated technologies sustaining the world"s ideal Navy. The world"s best training and also discipline is the structure of our Navy"s success ~ above the people stage.

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Here room the civilian identical occupations in the Navy.

Occupational areas (Civilian Equivalent)Jobs within
Installation, maintenance and also repair occupations18
Office and administrative assistance occupations13
Production occupations11
Construction and extraction occupations9
Arts, design, entertainment, sports and also media occupations8
elafilador.net specific occupations8
Management occupations8
Computer and mathematical occupations7
Transportation and also material moving occupations7
Architecture and also engineering occupations4
Life, physical and also social science occupations3
Business and financial operations occupations2
Food preparation and serving associated occupations2
Sales and related occupations1
Protective company occupations1
Legal occupations1
Health-care support occupations1
Health-care practitioners and also technical occupations1
Management occupations17
Health-care practitioners and also technical occupations13
Transportation and also material relocating occupations12
Protective service occupations7
Installation, maintenance and also repair occupations6
Architecture and also engineering occupations6
Arts, design, entertainment, sports and also media occupations5
elafilador.net details occupations4
Business and also financial to work occupations3
Legal occupations3
Construction and extraction occupations2
Life, physical and social science occupations2
Community and social organization occupations2
Education, training and also library occupations1
Warrant officer 
Management occupations9
Transportation and material moving occupations4
Installation, maintenance and also repair occupations4
elafilador.net particular occupations4
Architecture and also engineering occupations3
Construction and also extraction occupations2
Arts, design, entertainment, sports and media occupations1
Health-care practitioners and also technical occupations1
Life, physical and also social scientific research occupations1

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