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Having supplied the Xfinity cable crate for some time, I’ve noticed the Box struggles to hold on come the signal.

This just won’t do as soon as I’m trying to relax on my couch and watch my favourite TV shows.

I’ve spent hours looking with online travel guide to troubleshoot this problem. Most of the time, a basic restart gets the signal back.

In this article, friend will uncover a comprehensive guide on just how to resolve your Xfinity Cable Box. Friend will recognize the an initial steps you have to take in this scenario.

If her Xfinity Cable crate isn’t working, restart the Comcast cable box. If this doesn’t gain the Xfinity cable box to work, proceed to factory reset it.

If the problem persists, call Xfinity client care.

Resetting vs Restarting Xfinity Cable Box


You deserve to go about fixing her Xfinity Cable box in two ways: resetting or restarting. Restarting is a simple way to fix most errors.

With the Xfinity Cable Box, restarting will end up refresh your device while maintaining all your previously stored data.

If restarting doesn’t work, then you can go because that resetting her Xfinity Cable Box.

Using a manufacturing facility reset erases all the ahead data and brings the an equipment back come its early setting.

Use this technique if girlfriend don’t mind shedding saved data together as taped programs.

Restart your Xfinity Cable TV Box


You have actually three approaches to restart her Xfinity Cable box. I will walk you v each the them step by step.

Use The Power button on her Comcast Cable Box


This is the first go-to action to acquire your signal back. All you have to do is switch off the streaming device.

If her Xfinity remote does not revolve off her TV Box, follow this easy procedures to acquire it done:

Locate the Power button on her Xfinity Cable BoxHold the switch for around 10 secondsThe maker will then immediately restart

Unplugging the Xfinity Cable Box


By unplugging her cable box from the outlet, you have the right to restart your device. Follow these steps to obtain the signal back on the cable box:

Switch off your Xfinity Cable Box.Unplug the an equipment from the outletWait for 10 seconds and also then plug it ago to the outletPress the strength buttonYour machine will then automatically restart

Using the assist Menu on Xfinity Cable Box


If you very own an Xfinity remote, you deserve to use this technique to restart the cable box.

Locate the A switch on your Xfinity far control. Push it to access the aid MenuSelect the Restart option, then press OKYou will get a confirmation post at this point. Press OK and select Restart againYour an equipment restart will certainly then be completed in a couple of minutes

Factory Reset her Xfinity Cable Box


Factory resetting the Xfinity Cable box will cause loss that data. That is better to proceed with this choice after you have actually tried all the restarting methods.

Using the Xfinity mine Account App


Xfinity’s “My Account” application is obtainable on both iOS and also Android. By downloading and install it onto your smartphone, friend can conveniently perform a manufacturing facility reset.

monitor these procedures to perform a manufacturing facility reset using the app:

Open the Xfinity my Account application installed on her smart deviceUnder the synopsis Menu, girlfriend will discover the TV optionSelect the an equipment you need to troubleshootSelect Troubleshoot and also then tap on ContinueNow, choose System Refresh to reset Xfinity Cable Box

Using the regain Default option

If you want to execute a factory reset without utilizing the app, you deserve to do so with the assist of the remote.

Follow these measures to gain it done:

Hold the power switch of your cable box. Certain the device is turn on, which can be evidenced by blinking eco-friendly lightsNow open the User settings by pressing on the Power and Menu buttons with each other on her remote.Press the Up and also Down arrowhead together to discover the gain back Defaults optionClick ~ above the appropriate button and also then push OK to start the resetting process

Call Comcast tech Support


If you are still can not to make her Xfinity Cable Box get a signal, you will need experienced help. Speak to the Customer treatment number from your phone.

Call 1-800-Comcast or 1-800-266-2278 throughout work hours and also tell the technician about the problem you’re facing along with your client account number.

The technician will certainly then carry out a signal reset from their very own computer. This will certainly refresh her device. This process can take numerous minutes.

Did It settle Your Xfinity Cable Box?

I have gone with all the methods you can take to get the signal ago on the Xfinity Cable TV Box, consisting of restarting and also resetting your Xfinity Cable Box.

Maybe your Xfinity Cable crate is functioning fine, but your Xfinity far is no Working. If that’s the case, shot Resetting your Xfinity Remote.

It is much better to go with the reset option just after trying every the restart methods due to the fact that it reasons you to shed previously save on computer data.

If nobody of the reset or restart methods work, it is much better to call the Customer treatment number and get aid from the technician to fix your problem.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

Why is my cable crate not obtaining a signal?

Your cable box might be can not to gain a signal due to bad weather or hardware issues.

You’ll conference this trouble when over there is a shower or disruptive winds.

You can quickly get the signal ago by switching the device off because that a couple of minutes or act a rapid restart.

What input should TV it is in on because that cable?

The most usual input cable for TV is HDMI. Take her TV’s remote and also press the input button, then pick the HDMI version choose HDMI 1, HDMI 2, or HDMI 3.

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Can a clever TV work without a cable box?

You can watch TV without connecting it to a cable box. V the Wi-Fi-connected TV, you have the right to download renowned streaming apps and also pay the subscription fees to accessibility their services.