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Isn’t that so frustrating once you try to adjust your channel, and the remote stops working?

I believe that to reap the complete experience the a TV service, a perfectly working remote also plays a significant role.

I decided to go with all the accessible resources virtual that talk about helping you deal with this issue and also made this consolidated troubleshooting guide.

If your Xfinity far won’t change channels, shot checking for any kind of connectivity problems with her Xfinity remote.

Also, examine the compatibility that the remote through the set-top box. If the does not settle it, replace the batteries of her Xfinity remote.

Let united state look at the various methods to aid us solve this issue.

Why My remote Stopped changing Channels


There can be several factors for your Xfinity far not an altering channels anymore.

Some of these are:

Connectivity issuePhysical damageBatteries dead

Connectivity Issue

A weak connection in between the remote and also the set-top box deserve to sometimes be responsible for your remote’s inability to function.

It might lead to your Xfinity Remote not working.

Physical Damage

Sometimes the buttons gain stuck, or the circuitry within is damaged if something spills on it.

Dust can likewise be one issue because it can clog increase the insides and mess up the inner connections.

First, remove the battery and also then press and also hold the power button for around 30 seconds.

Now start pressing on every the buttons ~ above the far randomly and also fast v a typical amount of force.

Hit the remote v your hand a pair of times.

Re-insert batteries and also see if the is working.

Batteries Dead

The buttons won’t work if the battery of your remote have died, together well.

How To obtain The Xfinity remote To Start transforming Channels Again


Here space a couple of troubleshooting approaches to aid you settle the problem with her battery:

Check if your remote is tho connectedDisconnect and also reconnect the remoteCheck if the remote is the right modelChange out the batteriesContact support

Check if her remote is tho connected


The very first thing girlfriend should examine for is the connectivity.

First, make certain that her remote is associated to your Comcast streaming Box.

Now check if every the other functions apart from your ability to readjust channels room working.

If yes, it way that girlfriend can remove the connectivity issue and also narrow it under to various other reasons.

Resync the remote


Since girlfriend have discovered out the it wasn’t a spotty connection, the problem could be with the syncing process.

Your remote might be not correctly synced, leading to you being no able to adjust channels.

The easy solve for this is to reset her Xfinity remote to the receiver crate of her TV.

To resync or pair your remote models(XR11 (Voice Remote), XR5, and also XR2), do the following:

The batteries should be sensible and already present in her remote.Make sure that her TV and TV Box space turned ON.You have to now set the TV input to that associated to your Xfinity TV Box.Long push the Setup switch present on your remoteYou would observe the LED in ~ the top an altering the colour from red come green.Now push the xfinity button that is on her remote.The LED will certainly presently it is in flashing the green colour. (Note: Pairing XR2 or XR5 remote could require pressing the xfinity button, maybe up to 5 times).Now follow the instructions and also enter the three-digit pairing code, i m sorry will show up on-screen.Once you go into the password correctly, your an equipment is paired.

For your XR15 Voice remote (X1 or Flex), you have to press and also hold the Xfinity and info buttons for about 5 seconds instead of long-pressing the setup button.

Then, follow all the other procedures to pair your device successfully.

Make certain The far is the appropriate Model


Your Comcast remote model will be compatible just with its respective TV box.

There are lots of models out there that could even be region-specific.

So make certain that the remote you are using is the one that Comcast noted you, together with the TV box.

Whenever her remote becomes damaged beyond repair, you can want to replace it v one native the neighborhood shop.

The remotes could look alike yet will be lacking tons of functions that your original remote had.

So make certain that you acquire the brand-new remote indigenous an authorized Comcast store.

and also even if girlfriend do find some missing features, you can call them because that support.

Change the end the batteries


Battery worries are amongst the most usual reasons because that the ineffective work of her Xfinity remote.

If the battery is low, the is usually suggested by blinking the red light five times.

So if you already tried the over methods and also your far is still not working properly, you can change the battery.

Now inspect again to see if her remote works.

Contact support


If nobody of the above solutions fixes the problem, that is probably due to some software pest or technical concern on Comcast’s side.

Contact the Comcast help desk if this appears to it is in the case.

You deserve to either:

Call Comcast Retention in ~ 1-800-XFINITY orChat v them online on the Xfinity website

Make sure that girlfriend are placed in with to a genuine person, quite than an automatic service.

This will assist you connect the exact worry that you space facing, meaning a faster fix.

Get earlier To an altering Channels In No Time

Sometimes several of the networks don’t work due to the fact that of the XRE-03121 Xfinity Error.

In part cases, the batteries might not be put properly.

So you need to ensure the it is put in the right direction.

Xfinity remotes commonly come v RF rather of the usual IR, which way you carry out not need to suggest the remote directly at the receiver.

RF remotes won’t be blocked by obstacles in between your remote and also TV box, and do not usually affect the responsiveness of your remote.

Sometimes, you can have many TV box at her home.

But you can pair your remote come only one of them at a time.

So make sure that the TV box and also remote are paired correctly.

If not, this can additionally be a reason why your remote might malfunction.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

What space the ABCD buttons on Xfinity Remote?

By default, the 4 buttons are:

The A an essential denotes HelpThe B crucial denotes Day-The C vital denotes Day+The D crucial denotes Descriptive video clip Service (DVS) ON/OFF

You can additionally customize this buttons to do other features like replay, jumping ahead 24 hours in the On-Screen Guide, go to Xfinity on Demand, and also more.

Is Xfinity Flex free?

Xfinity Flex is cost-free and comes through an Xfinity internet package. It deserve to be bespeak for free if you usage Xfinity Internet.

An additional charge that $5 is occurs for each added box.

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Can my Xfinity remote control my receiver?

You will be able to program your Xfinity remote to allow it regulate your TV and also AV receiver. It can be a soundbar or possibly some various other audio device.