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"Charlene" is one R&B–soul tune written through American singer-songwriter Anthony Hamilton and songwriter/producer mark Batson for Hamilton"s second studio album, Comin" from whereby I"m from (2003). Before this album that provided Hamilton his best breakthrough in his music career, he was signed to six different record labels, and also had unsuccessful experiences. This album contained one the his biggest single hits "Charlene", which played a major role ~ above the albums success. Released together the album"s 2nd and final single in may 2004 and produced by Batson, the song was nominated for "Best masculine R&B Vocal Performance" in ~ the 2005 Grammy Awards, yet lost out to Prince"s "Call mine Name".

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"Charlene" to be sampled through California rapper Murs on the tune "Break up (The OJ Song)" from his 2008 album Murs for President.more »

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Woke increase this morning uncovered a letter that she wroteShe claimed she"s exhausted that I"m always on the roadTo tough to swallow gift aloneShe demands someone at night the she have the right to holdShe must have told me a thousand times beforeSilent cries I use to ignoreGod knows i love herDidn"t typical to hurt herBaby I"ll be (be)Sitting here waiting top top you to come home again (waiting on you babe)I won"t leavePromise I"ll be below to the an extremely end (and I"ll be here , yeah, oh)By your side (oh)To safeguard you and also to love you and to be through you for life (yeah)Come on home to me CharleneShe knows i really love this old music thingSince ns was a boy it"s to be my dreamI deserve to support she treat her and spoil herYou understand buy she the finer thingsBut i forgot around loving herDamn the money, diamonds and pearlsWhat about the tough days she had actually with the baby?All she need is because that me to love herBaby I"ll beSitting right here waiting on you to come house again (I"ll it is in waiting)I won"t leavePromise I"ll be right here to the really end (said I"ll promise I"ll be here)By her side (oh no no no)To defend you and to love you and also be through you because that life (yeah hey)Come on residence to me (to me), Charlene (Charlene)Woah ohhPromise ns can"t live without she (can"t live there is no her)God knows I require her love (oh)(Ooh) and also it hurts so negative (and that hurts)(Hurts me so bad) that"s she gone away, ohh i pray She"ll come ago one work (she"ll come home, she"ll come home)In my life (in my life, ohh)Baby I"ll it is in (baby I"ll be)Sitting below waiting top top you to come residence again (sitting right here waiting baby)I won"t leaving (I won"t leave)Promise I"ll be below to the an extremely end (I"ll be witchu" you because that life)By her sideTo defend you and also to love you and be v you because that life (say ns won"t walk nowhere, oh)Come on house (come ~ above home)To me (to me)Charlene (baby oh)Oh oh ohSometimes ns cryCharlene if you"re listeningWould you call on me?"Cause my heart is achingCall me

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Anthony Hamilton Anthony Cornelius Hamilton (born January 28, 1971) is one American R&B singer-songwriter, and record producer who increased to fame v his platinum-selling second studio album Comin" from where I"m indigenous (2003), i beg your pardon featured the singles "Comin" from where I"m From" and also "Charlene". An ext »