The creating session the led to Kenny Chesney's brand-new single to be a little bit unusual, however once the 'Come Over' lyrics began falling into place, the song's three writers -- Sam Hunt, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne -- all knew they were on the appropriate path to knocking it way out the the park.

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"The 3 of us got together to write, and at first, us didn't really have actually that title and we didn't necessarily have that idea," Osborne speak Taste the Country. "Sam sort of had that phrasing on the verse. We just kind of started jammin' top top that. Us talked about how it would be cool to have a song that type of repeats the exact same chord development throughout the whole song, but readjust the melodies around it. Therefore we began messing approximately with the verse, and also we quiet didn't quite know what the hook was. It felt prefer the idea to be these two world weren't together, yet couldn't be apart."

"We don't need to miss every other, come over / we don't need to fix every other, come over / friend don't need to say forever, come over / friend don't have to stay forever, simply come over," they wrote in the text to 'Come Over.'

"When we obtained to the chorus, we type of dropped onto the line of 'I called you i wouldn't call / i told you i wouldn't care,' it simply felt like a cool opening line," continues Osborne. "It was really rare that we composed that long without having actually a title. We got near the finish of the chorus, and also I think Shane said, 'What if it was just like a basic title prefer 'Come Over,' about these two human being who recognize each various other well, and also finally the man says come come over? yet what if we stated it a bunch that times like he to be pleading with her?' Then we felt prefer we had something."

"I told you ns wouldn't call / ns told you ns wouldn't treatment / yet baby climb the wall surfaces gets me nowhere / ns don't think the I can take this bed getting any type of colder / Come over, come over, come over, come over, come over," they created in the remainder of the chorus.

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"We don't have the most exciting story with exactly how this song was written," says Osborne of the 'Come Over' lyrics. "It simply organically dropped out. A lot of times you have an idea or girlfriend have a ide or a melody or some location that you start. All we really had was Sam's phrasing the the verse, yet we loved the vibe the it. We simply thought, 'Let's play through it because that a while.' We had actually a pair of different ideas that never really right it."

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