A novel based upon true experiences, concerned the Garden is a story around a woman’s journey v a mysterious angel that motivates readers to believe heaven is closer than they think.Years ago, writer Jennifer Wilder Morgan served as a hospital volunteer, visiting critically ill patients—praying with them and listening to their stories. As she produced a safe room for those of all faiths and also backgrounds, patients began confiding in Morgan around the mysterious methods God speak to them—including encounters with angels, visions of loved ones who"ve happen on, and also messages that comfort spoken in dreams. She experienced the extensive healing the occurs when civilization are allowed to talk about these experiences, and as a result, Morgan was motivated to share her own an individual encounters with God in a novel. In involved the Garden, the main character Jenn wakes increase on her birthday to discover an angel introducing herself together Margaret in the backyard garden. Lately Jenn has been struggling come make feeling of the mysterious means God has actually been speaking to her and also is do the efforts to know what he desires her come know. The angel takes Jenn ago through her memories and also life experiences, revealing exactly how God has been connecting through her every along. Under the angel’s guidance, Jenn finally understands the message God has actually been speaking to her, in she dreams, magnificent promptings, and unexplained coincidences. It becomes clear that God is a faithful and persistent pursuer the the person heart. Framed together a collection of conversations in between Jenn and her guardian angel, this unconventional and charming narrative will certainly strike deep into the hearts of anyone seeking a higher understanding that God. Concerned the Garden is an inspirational fictional story around the surprising ways God functions in ours lives and affirms the heaven is truly closer than we think.

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Jennifer Wilder Morgan i graduated from Kent State University and is a member the the Delta Gamma Fraternity. She lives in Houston, Texas, where she served in The Methodist Hospital’s place ministry. She is a member of The Woodlands unified Methodist Church.

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Come to the Garden Something secret is afoot in my garden—something I want to share. As a young girl, ns loved to listen to the nursery rhyme that has the expression “How does her garden grow?” every my life I have been fascinated by the straightforward beauty that the garden, a sacred an are where life is planted, nurtured, harvested, and also resurrected. I have actually cultivated countless gardens in my lifetime. Their roots thrive deep and also stretch for hundreds of miles. My an initial garden was a small flowerpot in the kitchen home window of a little apartment in a poverty-stricken ar of Detroit, wherein I was born and also where my father completed his medical residency. Then, in Cleveland, wherein I was raised, to visit school, worked, and married, ns took delight in harvest armfuls that hydrangeas and fragrant lilacs from my spring and also summer gardens. And also finally, in Houston, wherein I live now, my backyard gardens room graced through spectacular screens of azalea and also gardenia blooms. Every one of these treasured gardens have been nurtured by the seasons of life—fertilized by trials and also watered with the tears of joys and also sorrows. That was here in Houston that i learned how to grow a brand-new and an extremely special kind of garden—a location of hope and healing. It began, of every places, in a hospital room. In a opportunity encounter, ns was offered an chance to volunteer in a lay ministry in ~ The Methodist (now Houston Methodist) Hospital in Houston’s famous Medical facility area. This set would permit me to placed to use hospital an abilities I had grew while living and working in Ohio, along with the compassion born of mine faith. Together a place minister, my responsibility was to visit critically okay patients—to pray through them, to visit v them, and, most important, to hear to them. Every time i walked right into a patient’s room, I created a loving, compassionate, and nonjudgmental space—a safe place that allowed hurting civilization to share your hearts and stories through me. On the surface, listening appears to it is in a passive activity, however in reality I discovered the plot of listening to be a powerful force the creates an energetic exchange. Together hearts room unburdened, a room is created for healing and hope to flow back in. I visited through patients of every faiths, and as they felt permitted to share intimate details the their resides without fear of judgment or ridicule, defenses come down and also they talked v me around their encounters with the Divine—their most private, personal confirmations that God’s existence in their lives. These emotional testimonies included a full spectrum that encounters: experiencing the awe of God in nature, music, art, literature, and also Scripture; angelic interventions and near-death experiences; and also encounters with few of the many mysterious that the spiritual gifts, consisting of prophetic visions and also the gift of tongues. Main after week, i sat in rapt attention as people told me of angelic bedside visitors, visions of loved ones who had currently passed right into the heavenly realm, and also messages that comfort spoken in desires in the center of the night. This four-year ministry to be drenched in redemptive tears, and also I to be witness to the extensive healing the occurs when people are allowed to take on what they have actually experienced and also to courageously share their story of encounters with the Divine. One together story moved me so deeply that it literally adjusted the food of my life. Together I sat beside his bed, “John” said me that his struggle with heart an illness that caused an ultimate heart transplant. Prior to his transplant, the experienced number of heart attacks, and during his last one, the died. He defined in information how he was lugged upward, far from his human body in the emergency room, and could check out everything occurring as the medical team tried to resuscitate him. The even described the quite butterfly hair clip that one of the registered nurses was wearing around her ponytail (which she later confirmed to be true). Climate John defined being lugged up through the ceiling and into a different realm, where he was totally embraced in a warm mist that radiated love in its purest form. Together he leaned ago to soak in this loving embrace, a voice started to speak. In a very an individual conversation, John came to know the Creator, the lover the his soul, whom he had actually denied and pushed far his whole life. John embraced the love being offered to him and was told he would certainly be sent back to his earthly life. As he perfect his story, john leaned over and also looked deeply into my eyes. “Honey,” he said, “it is now my life’s work to call others around the remarkable love that God provides to every of us, and to encourage them not to wait till the hour of ours deaths to accept and also share it. Us all have essential jobs to do for the Kingdom while us live below on earth.” John’s powerful testimony convicted me deeply. I, too, have experienced extensive encounters through the divine throughout mine life, however I had been fear of share them through others—fearful of gift labeled together “one of those.” John’s courage to share his story lastly freed my heart to totally embrace the fact of my very own encounters. What a healing moment that was for me! In a dramatic course-correction that can only have been conceived by God, this quiet tiny Texas homemaker is currently an author. John’s story, along with many others, motivated me to market this freedom and healing to many others v the pages the this book, by opened the door come my own private garden. As we near the start of mine story, over there is someone I want to present to you. She is as mysterious together the garden you are around to enter. When wrestling with how to create this story, I had a dream, and also in my dream i heard the voice of my lord say an extremely succinctly, “Use one angel!” ns awakened v a start and thought, What a great idea! however how in the world do I carry out that . . . I don’t know any type of angels! The next morning ns snuggled up on the life room couch v my dogs and a steaming cup the coffee, and also as i gazed out the tall windows encountering the garden, ns thought about this opportunity of creating an point of view to help me. What would certainly he, or she, it is in like? would certainly this point of view be fierce and also warrior-like? A small bit intimidating? Or would it it is in soft, feminine, and also gentle? would certainly it it is in a shimmery, invisible kind of figure, or would certainly I be able to see that clearly? would certainly it talk, or would certainly it just suggest at points as the Ghost the Christmas however to Come walk in Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol? would certainly I it is in the just one who could see it? whatever its characteristics were come be, ns hoped the would carry with the the wisdom that heaven . . . Something i desperately essential in this brand-new venture. Soon, the character of an intriguing angel named Margaret began to take form in the eyes of my heart. I would write a fictitious story around her, one where she would assist me share and also make feeling of several of the miraculous encounters with the magnificent I have actually had. Some of her qualities admittedly come from my own personality, and also the experiences she helps the character Jenn talk v are additionally my own, yet her wisdom . . . Well, that belongs exclusively to God. Margaret brings the wisdom the heaven right into my garden, developing a sacred an are where I uncover the flexibility to embrace and come share mine encounters v God. Mine story, based in orthodox Christianity, is composed for world of all faiths and also sentiments, consisting of the lack of faith. We room all spiritual beings on a person journey to discover love, acceptance, mercy, shared respect, and a connection to a Creator. So, now I invite you come step right into my garden, and into this story, through your love and every one of your senses totally engaged. There, amongst the roses, God’s loving existence is revealed to every who room willing to enter.

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Truly, heaven is closer 보다 you think. “I pray that the eye of her heart may be enlightened in order the you may recognize the hope to which the has called you, the wealth of his glorious inheritance in his holy people.” —THE APOSTLE PAUL, EPHESIANS 1:18 (NIV)