The NFL Comeback Player that the Year award has been dominated by quarterbacks as of late.

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Signal callers have taken house the respect in ripe of the past 13 seasons, including each that the critical three.

Alex Smith complied with up fellow quarterbacks Andrew Luck and also Ryan Tannehill to win Comeback Player of the Year in 2020. Nearly two years after experiencing a life-threatening foot injury, Smith went back to the field in relief duty and also helped command the Washington football Team come a department title.

The last non-quarterback to insurance claim Comeback players of Year? Chargers broad receiver Keenan Allen earlier in 2017 once he hauled in 102 receptions for 1,393 yards top top the heels of continuous injury-shortened seasons.

Will a quarterback win the award because that a 4th straight season in 2021, or deserve to a player indigenous a different position snap the streak? 

Who is the favorite to success 2021 Comeback Player of the Year?

Surprise, surprise: The height two favorite to win the 2021 Comeback Player of the Year award space quarterbacks. Dak Prescott has actually the finest odds at +150 after enduring a gruesome season-ending ankle injury in mainly 5 of critical season. Fresh off inking a $160 million deal in the offseason, the Cowboys signal caller is intended to be all set for the start of maintain camp.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has the second-best Comeback Player the the Year odds in ~ +400. Burrow tore his ACL and MCL in so late November that 2020, yet he supposedly will be ready for Cincinnati’s season opener.

49ers protective end Nick Bosa is additionally coming turn off a torn ACL and also has the ideal odds among non-quarterbacks to catch the award at +550.

Behind Bosa is a pair of running backs who had injury-plagued 2020 periods in Saquon Barkley and also Christian McCaffery, who room both at +700. Barkley experienced a torn ACL the same day together Bosa go in mainly 2, if McCaffrey was restricted to three games due to multiple injuries.

New Colts quarterback Carson Wentz has the ideal odds amongst players who aren’t coming off an injury at +1000. Wentz had actually a destructive 2020 season v the Eagles that witnessed him record a league-leading 15 interceptions and 50 sacks taken (in simply 12 games) before getting benched.

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Not just is Jaguars quarterback outfielder tight finish Tim Tebow listed among the Comeback Player of the Year candidates, that has far better odds (+3300) than players like Jimmy Garoppolo, Dont"a Hightower and CJ Mosley. After retiring native baseball previously this year, Tebow is ago with one NFL team for the an initial time since 2015 and also trying out a brand-new position through the Jaguars.

Here is the complete list of favorites because that the 2021 NFL Comeback Player of the Year award:

Dak Prescott, +150

Joe Burrow, +400

Nick Bosa, +550

Saquon Barkley, +700

Christian McCaffrey, +700

Carson Wentz, +1000

Derwin James, +1600

Von Miller, +1600

Sam Darnold, +2000

Danielle Hunter, +2500

Courtland Sutton, +2500

Joe Mixon, +3000

Odell Beckham Jr, +3000

Julio Jones, +3000

Tim Tebow, +3300

Jameis Winston, +5000

Jimmy Garoppolo, +5000

OJ Howard, +5000

Damien Williams, +10000

Dont"a Hightower, +10000

CJ Mosley, +10000

Kyle Long, +10000

Kelvin Benjamin, +10000

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