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Jerry Seinfeld shared a cup that Joe with the one and also only chairman Obama , and there to be no speak of politics!

The Seinfeld star kicked turn off season 7 that his fight web collection Comedians in Cars obtaining Coffee ~ above Wednesday. And although the commander in cook isn’t a skilled comedian, he showed he’s obtained a great sense the humor.

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Seinfeld, 61, picked up his “are-you-kidding-me-super-special-guest” in ~ 1600 Pennsylvania path in a classic 1963 Corvette Stingray Split home window Coupe, even going v the bushes come knock top top Obama’s Oval Office window. Indigenous Crackle: simply Tell Him girlfriend re the President

While the host is used to visiting lover diners and coffee shops with his guests, he was unable come pull some strings with POTUS. The pair tried no once, but twice to leaving the White residence premises, just to acquire denied by an enig Service agents each time. Seinfeld cleared up for 2nd best: Obama’s custom-built Cadillac.

While chatting in his bullet-proof car, the chairman revealed the one point he desire he might do. “I would certainly love to just be taking a walk and also then i run right into you. You’re sitting on a bench. And also suddenly ns say, ‘Hey Jerry, exactly how ya doin?,'” Obama admitted adding, “That moment when you shed your anonymity. And also anonymity is not something girlfriend think around as gift valuable.”

On come the chit chat over warm cups that coffee. Obama revealed the scariest component of living at the White House, also agreeing through Seinfeld that it to be a little like Night in ~ the Museum. “So you’re feather around and also thinking, what the hell is this?” the chairman confessed.

The duo talked about some of the craziest political leaders the Leader that the complimentary World has actually met throughout his tenure, Larry David‘s sunscreen obsession, and the president’s love because that nachos. Obama likewise compares national politics to the sport of football prior to promoting Obamacare.

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At the end of that all, the president had the ability to make his childhood dream come true. Obama obtained in the driver’s seat to take the Stingray approximately for a turn in the driveway that the White House. And may us say POTUS is one cool driver.

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