Dancing through the Stars took one unexpected, not-so-family-fun revolve last night during the very first results show.

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The night began off fairly normally though. In in between dance numbers and the surprised Dancing v the Stars Juniors actors announcement, hold Tom Bergeron slowly revealed i beg your pardon couples had actually landed in the bottom six. Unfortunately, it was revealed the gymnast Mary Lou Retton, blind Paralympian Danelle Umstead, Facts the Life star Nancy McKeon, society media influencer Alexis Ren, Dukes the Hazzard actor john Schneider, and also stand-up comedian Nikki Glaser faced feasible elimination.

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But things began to gain a little bit weird after ~ Nikki to be told she remained in jeopardy. After hearing the news, Nikki went on to say that she"s "faced a most rejection in her life and also a many rough sets." to make sure audiences at house didn"t mistake she for saying "rough sex," — and, girlfriend know, to save face because it is a family members show, after every — Tom quickly clarified that she stated "rough sets, not sex." Nikki couldn"t help herself though, and proceeded to quip that she"s "had both."

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The reaction from those at residence can finest be described by this zoomed-in pic the Tom:


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Sadly though, her funny blunder wasn"t enough to conserve her. ~ the votes to be tallied and also the judges" scores to be weighed in, she ended up being the an initial celebrity eliminated in the competition last night. Nikki"s leave comes after ~ she obtained a reasonably low score that 17 out of 30 because that performing a salsa routine to "Yes."

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Only one couple, Joe Amabile and Jenna Johnson scored lower than Nikki and her companion Gleb Savchenko. Evaluate by his performance, Joe probably has actually #BacheloretteNation to say thanks to for moving on.

As of best now, the leaderboard put Tinashe and also Brandon Armstrong and DeMarcus Ware and also Lindsay Arnold ~ above top. But next week, the scores might look completely different, so you"ll have to tune in to view who will finish up ~ above top.

Dancing v the Stars 2018 Season 27 Standings (out that 30):

Tinashe & Brandon - 23DeMarcus & Lindsay - 23Juan Pablo & Cheryl - 22Alexis & Alan - 21Bobby & Sharna - 20Milo & Witney - 20Mary Lou & Sasha - 19Evanna & Keo - 18John & Emma - 18Danelle & Artem - 18Nancy & Val - 17Joe & Jenna - 14


Nikki & Gleb - mainly 1 after receiving a score of 17.

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays and Tuesdays in ~ 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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