From Lenny Bruce to Dustin Diamond, us look earlier to the comedians and comic actors who passed away too soon.

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Lenny Bruce, the outrageous king of the counterculture comics in the 1950s and also "60s, died at age 40 in 1966 of "acute morphine poisoning resulted in by an overdose."


John Belushi, famed for his toga-loving frat young performance in "Animal House," died at 33 that a medicine overdose in 1982.


Gilda Radner, lover for her tenure ~ above "SNL" particularly for her hilariously geeky character, Roseanne Roseannadanna, passed away at 42 in 1989 of ovarian cancer.


Andy Kaufman, the eccentric power artist who acquired a adhering to as Latka in "Taxi," passed away in 1984 at age 35.


Sam Kinison to be a rock star of a comic with a trademark shout. After years of battling problem abuse, he to be sober and a newlywed of less than a week once he to be struck and killed through a teenager steering drunk in 1992. He to be 38.

John Candy, the lovable comedic gibbs renowned because that his performances in "Uncle Buck," "Home Alone," "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" and also "Cool Runnings" died at age 43 the a heart attack in 1994.

Bill Hicks, among the most prominent stand-up comics, died in 1994 the pancreatic cancer. He to be 32.

Chris Farley, an SNL star, well known for his over-the-top performances, specifically his motivational speaker character Matt Foley, passed away in 1997 the a drug overdose. He to be 33.

Phil Hartman, star that "SNL," "NewsRadio" and "The Simpsons" passed away at period 49 in 1998 the an apparent murder-suicide by his wife.

Academy Award-nominated comedienne, Madeline Kahn, one of the most prominent women in comedy to grace the silver screen, passed away in 1999 the ovarian cancer. She was 57.

The prolific comedic actor, John Ritter, finest known for his function of Jack Tripper on "Three"s Company" and also the patriarchal number in "8 rule for date My Daughter," died of a heart attack in 2003. He was 54.

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Mitch Hedberg, who got a adhering to of loyal fans because that his unconventional stand-up comedy style, died in 2005 at period 37 of a drug overdose.