”We don’t publication shows. We perform the show and also if points go wrong, that’s just the way it is,“ the comedian says

Ryan O'Connell | November 13, 2014
The riding part of the recent “Comedians in Cars gaining Coffee” had to it is in cut short after the yellow Ferrari the Jerry Seinfeld had picked out for his guest Amy Schumer started cigarette smoking on the streets of new York City.

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The sports auto showed indicators of trouble as shortly as the two took off from Schumer’s top West next apartment, with Seinfeld at some point declaring the vehicle a “piece the shit.”

“It’s comforting come know how I’m going to die, ns guess,” Schumer said, clutching her damaged seatbelt prefer Rosary beads.

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“I really, seriously, don’t recognize if we’re going to make it,” Seinfeld said. “But, we don’t publication shows. We execute the show and if points go wrong, that’s just the method it is.”

Things did go wrong yet the comedians make the best of the situation, abandoning their ride what in the Bronx and traveling ~ above foot to a adjacent diner.

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When request what she would certainly compare a vehicle breaking under to in a woman’s life, Schumer predictibly told Seinfeld, “a vagina.”

“How negative can a vagina walk wrong?” Seinfeld asked.

As is protocol for a guest of Seinfeld’s internet series, Schumer complimented the on his career and also renowned TV sitcom.

“Your display is like, ‘The Wire’ the comedy,” Schumer said Seinfeld. The replied, “I’ve never seen ‘The Wire.’

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After finally showing up at a restaurant, Seinfeld notified his coffee and a very particular breakfast the eggs over medium, “with nothing rather on the plate.” His waitress then promptly asked, “do you want toast through that?”

“Part of me just wants to go ‘Full metal Jacket,"” one aggravated Seinfeld said after the server to walk away.

Schumer opened up to she comedic elder statesman around her youth, her career and her love life, i beg your pardon she compared to a tsunami of unanticipated disappointment.

“For woman comics, it’s tough to date someone,” Schumer said. “It’s usually an issue, what us do.”

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Schumer was in a partnership with fellow standup Anthony Jeselnik and also dated skilled wrestler Dolph Ziggler. After Seinfeld complimented her on just how nice she sought their job out, Schumer shot him down through her patented self-deprecation.

“There’s a team of human being making me watch this mediocre,” Schumer said.

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Watch the second episode from Season 5 that “Comedians in Cars acquiring Coffee” above.