On a brand-new episode of ‘Comedians in Cars acquiring Coffee,’ Eddie Murphy speak Jerry Seinfeld just how ‘shitty’ invoice Cosby was to him—and teases his return to stand-up.

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Much has already been do of Eddie Murphy’s tentative promise to return to stand-up comedy top top Comedians in Cars obtaining Coffee. 

“I’m going to do it again,” Murphy speak Jerry Seinfeld if the pair drive approximately in a Porsche Carrera GT. “Everything just needs to be right. You have to acquire up there and start functioning out.”

Since the 40-minute episode—by far the longest in the show’s seven year history—dropped top top Netflix Friday morning, TMZ has actually reported the Murphy is circling a address that streaming service that is “hovering right about $70 million” because that multiple stand-up specials. 

Once the biggest comedian in the world, Murphy hasn’t released a significant special because 1987’s Raw. however his potential comeback is solid the only revelatory moment in his wide-ranging conversation with Seinfeld, which starts in the driveway that his Los Angeles mansion prior to moving with the The increased Venice and also finally the Hollywood Improv, wherein the two comics sit in the empty club and talk about the early days.

As Seinfeld speak it, he and Murphy started doing comedy in new York at almost exactly the exact same time. (He even digs increase an old line-up card on i m sorry both of your names room misspelled.) when Murphy says his greatest inspiration at the time was Richard Pryor, Seinfeld talks around how that wore the end his invoice Cosby document listening come it over and over again.

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Murphy says he had a “strange relationship” v Pryor. “Back when I broke, the city was tho doing a one black guy at a time thing,” that explains. “So as soon as I proved up, Richard type of had this—there was this feeling favor this was the new one, therefore Richard kind of feel threatened.” 

But that was nothing compared to the “weirdness” Murphy had actually with Cosby. Seinfeld is the very first to lug up how “funny” it was the Cosby “felt he had actually the power” come tell Murphy come “work the way he want you come work.” that is referring to the lectures Murphy would get from Cosby around using poor language or speak offensive things in his stand-up act. 

“What crazy fantasy to be that?” Seinfeld asks. “Even in the moment I thought, to be he the end of his mind?”

Shaking his head, Murphy says, “He had a weird point with me that he didn’t have with various other comics. It was mean.” because that instance, he states Cosby would tell him no to talk about how much money he had on stage. “You need to come and also see exactly how it’s claimed to be done,” Cosby would tell him. “You shouldn’t obtain on the phase unless you have something to say.”

“He wasn’t nice,” Murphy says of Cosby. “He wasn’t doing that v everybody, he was doing that through me specifically. He to be shitty through me.” 

Left unspoken is Cosby’s horrific criminal history, finishing in a conviction for sexual attack last spring. Yet the irony that Cosby lecturing anyone else around decency is an noticeable subtext because that the conversation.

Murphy famously decreased to beat Cosby on Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary one-of-a-kind in 2015—prompting disappointed from comedy fans and an appreciative tweet indigenous the comedian himself. But he did take aim in ~ Cosby during the closest point he has actually done to stand-up in the previous several decades: his acceptance speech because that the mark Twain Prize for American Humor later on that same year.