Source: Comedy Central

You don’t need cable TV no longer to watch Comedy Central. The channel is obtainable online through several live streaming services. They are lot cheaper than cable and don’t need renting a cable box. Watching castle is as simple as installing an application on a smartphone. Most of this services market a no-risk totally free trial, so you deserve to start to watch southern Park, The day-to-day Show, Drunk History, and more right now.

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Streaming services with Comedy Central

The streaming services that carry Comedy central arePhilo, Hulu Live TV,Sling TV,FuboTV,Vidgo, DIRECTV Stream, and YouTube TV. With them, you have the right to watch Comedy Central, just as if you had cable. Information on those services and how to sign up because that each is detailed below. Unfortunately, the Comedy central channel isn’t available throughHulu Live TV. However, lock do have actually quite a couple of Comedy central Shows in your Hulu Streaming Library.

Best Solution:Sign up because that a1-week free trial come Philo. Comedy central is consisted of inPhilo’s Channel lineup in addition to over 60 other channels. If you continue Philo after the cost-free trial, the company is just $25 per month. Review on for more information.

Philo Is The Best way to clock Comedy Central

Source: Philo

Of all the ways to clock Comedy central without cable, the cheapest choice is Philo. Philo gives Comedy central and over 60 other networks for $25/month. Girlfriend can check out a7-day cost-free trial and also see if the organization will meet your needs. Philo likewise includes a cloud DVR for you to document shows to watch later.

Philo is supported on to apologize iPhone and also iPad (running iOS 9 or newer), Android phones and tablets (running 5.0 or newer), Fire TV, to apologize TV,Roku, andChromecast.

You have the right to use your Philo credentials to authorize on to the Comedy central app and also watch at the very least some the the episodes there. With online access to Comedy central streaming, friend will never miss good shows like “The daily Show,” “Broad City,” “South Park,” “Comedy central Roast,” and also more.

We think about Philo the finest streaming business to watch Comedy central because you get so much for $25 per month:

Over 60 cable channels, consisting of Comedy Centralunlimited cloud DVRstream ~ above 3 gadgets at oncesupport for most streaming devices and also the ability to clock online

See our testimonial of Philo TV for more details on this amazingly affordable streaming service.

Watch Comedy main on Hulu


Personally, use Hulu to watch live Comedy main online. Previously Hulu was known for its large on-demand streaming library. However, they likewise offer Hulu Live TV service, which contains live Comedy central Streaming and also most top networks typically discovered on cable. Hulu Live TV starts in ~ $64.99 after a 7-day cost-free trial and also includes the following features:

The basic package comes with 50 hrs of cloud DVR storage. (Upgrades available)Watch top top 2 display screens at once. (Upgrades available)It comes v 6 customizable profilesIncludes whole Hulu On-Demand streaming library

Not only will you have the ability to watch Comedy main live, yet the had Hulu on-demand company will enable you to stream previous seasons that Comedy main shows. Friend can inspect out Hulu’s Comedy main On-demand web page to watch what’s available. Girlfriend don’t have to subscribe come the live TV organization to have access to Hulu’s On-Demand Streaming library. Those plans begin at only $6.99 per month after ~ a 30-day totally free trial.

With Hulu Live TV, you have the right to watch Comedy central on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, apple TV, Chromecast, and more. Watch our evaluation of Hulu for much more information.

Watch Comedy central on Sling TV

Source: Sling TV

For the first month, the cheapest means is to subscribe to either Sling TV’s Blue or Orange package because that $35/month, which offers you Comedy central along with over 30 other channels.

Sling TV gives a live currently of Comedy Central, for this reason you have the right to watch exactly what would be airing ~ above Comedy Central, just as if you had actually cable. Sling TV contains a Cloud DVR so that you can record shows for later.

Sling TV is obtainable on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and more, therefore it’s no a difficulty to reap Comedy main on a TV, tablet, computer, or various other smart devices.

If you use Sling to watch Comedy Central, ns recommend going with the “Blue Plan.” through that plan, you can stream on up to 3 tools simultaneously rather of only 1 through the Orange plan. The just reason to choose the Orange setup over the Blue plan is to accessDisney ChannelorESPN.

There are much more channels available on Sling TV than what I’ve discussed here. To discover out much more about Sling TV features and an ext information around Sling TV device compatibility, inspect out this detailedreview that Sling TV. Sling also offers sign-up promotionsfor friend to shot the service. If girlfriend cancel prior to the trial expires, you i will not ~ be charged.

Watch Comedy main on FuboTV

Source: fuboTV

FuboTV is a an excellent place to go for sports, however it offers plenty of other channels, including Comedy Central. Comedy main is offered and also 90+ other channels in its basic package for $64.99/month (after a 7-day cost-free trial). Here are some of fuboTV’s features:

You deserve to watch top top three display screens at the same time250 hrs of cloud DVR storageThe FuboTV application is accessible on significant platforms, including AppleTV, AndroidTV, Roku, and also Amazon FireTV.

You cansign up for a 1-week totally free trialor check out ourreview that FuboTVfor much more details.

Comedy central on Vidgo

Source: Vidgo

Vidgois a newer Streaming company that offers fairly competitive pricing over various other Live streaming services. Their service offers Comedy central as a part of their main point package in addition to over 60 various other channels. Brand-new customers have the right to sign up for the Core setup for$55 every month. (They offer discounted promo pricing because that your first 3 months.)

Vidgo doesn’t pressure you right into a contract, so you deserve to cancel any kind of time. They do offer a3-day free trial, i m sorry you deserve to cancel within the very first three days at no charge. Vidgo is sustained on easily accessible on Android, iOS,Roku, to apologize TV, Fire TV. Girlfriend can additionally stream the organization on approximately 3 gadgets at the very same time. We have actually the full details in ourguide come Vidgo’s live streaming service.

YouTube TV has actually Comedy Central

Source: YouTube TV

In late June 2020, Youtube included Comedy central along with numerous other networks to your lineup. They also suddenly elevated their price to $65 every month. YouTubeTV does include a DVR with limitless storage an are for recording your shows. Plus, you can watch her library of recorded shows anywhere! The YouTube TV channel lineup contains Comedy main for $64.99 a month. You deserve to read ourreview the YouTube TVfor an ext information on the service, yet here space the crucial points.

YouTube TV provides:

unlimited cloud DVR storagestream ~ above three tools at once

Watching Comedy main on DIRECTV Stream

Source: DIRECTV Stream

DIRECTV currently is another method you have the right to watch Comedy Central. Comedy central is available as part of your “Entertainment” package. At $69.99 per month, girlfriend get more than 45 channels. Here is a rundown of DIRECTV present features:

watch approximately 20 streams all at once per subscriptiona cloud-based DVRchannels prefer Comedy Central, AMC, HGTV, Discovery, and also moresupported ~ above AppleTV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and also more

You can check out this streaming service through this online offeror read about it in ourDIRECTV currently review.

Watch Comedy main for Free

Most of the streaming services that carry Comedy central offer a complimentary trial. You have the right to take benefit of those and watch totally free Comedy main for almost a month or longer if you use various email addresses. Stop look at the totally free trials available.

As lengthy as you cancel prior to the cost-free trial expires, you i will not ~ be charged. You can cycle the totally free trials come get almost a month that Comedy main free. If you get an innovative with email addresses and payment methods, you can watch free Comedy main even longer. Act this would also let girlfriend test the end the assorted live TV streaming solutions to watch which one you choose the best.

Watch Comedy main on Roku

To watch Comedy main on Roku, follow this instructions.

Subscribe come a streaming organization that dead Comedy main (Philo, Sling TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, etc)On her Roku Menu, navigate come “Search” and also press “OK” on your remoteEnter the surname of the streaming business you subscribe to in the find barSelect the streaming service and also press “OK.”Select “Add Channel” press “OK” on your remote. If the channel is already installed, “Go come Channel” will certainly be one option.The app is now mounted on your Roku. Open the app, and also log in with the credentials you offered to i ordered it to the service. Comedy central will be a channel available through the apps live TV guide.

Watch Comedy main on Fire TV

To clock Comedy main on Fire TV, follow these instructions.

Subscribe come a streaming organization that carries Comedy main (Philo, Sling TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, etc)On her Fire TV residence screen, click the search icon in the upper-left edge of the screen.Enter the name of the streaming company you i ordered it to in the find barSelect the streaming service and press “OK.”Select “Download,” and the channel will certainly installThe app is now mounted on her Fire TV. Open up the app, and also log in through the credentials you offered to subscribe to the service. Comedy main will it is in a channel accessible through the apps live TV guide.

Watch Comedy main on apologize TV

To watch Comedy central on apple TV, follow these instructions.

Subscribe to a streaming organization that tote Comedy central ((Philo, Sling TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, etc))Scroll right to the search symbol in the upper-left edge of the screenEnter the surname of the streaming organization you subscribe to in the find barSelect the streaming company click the cloud icon, and the channel will installThe app is now installed on her Apple TV. Open up the app, and log in through the credentials you used to subscribe to the service. Comedy main will it is in a channel easily accessible through the apps live TV guide.

Using The Comedy main App

If you subscribe Philo, Vidgo, YouTube TV, or FuboTV, you have the right to watch Comedy central by simply downloading and install the app for that streaming service. However, this streaming services are also a valid TV provider to unlock all the content easily accessible on the Comedy central App.

New illustration of shows on Comedy central become easily accessible the day after they air on TV. Girlfriend can additionally catch increase on full seasons and watch hours of stand-up specials, standard shows, and much more on the app.

How to Activate the Comedy central App

The best means to explain this is through an example, stop assume we have actually a Philo subscription and also a Roku. We deserve to follow the steps below to acquire the Comedy central app working on our device. When the steps listed below use Philo and also Roku to watch Comedy Central, most streaming services and devices will have the exact same process.

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Go to the channel store or application store on your device. Top top Roku, it’s referred to as the “Channel Store.”Search for “Comedy Central”Add the Comedy central app come your maker and then open it.Using a computer system or mobile net browser, you walk to the URL.You will certainly then be asked for a TV provider and also a username/password. I’m entering the username and also password I usage for Philo.Once you sign in ~ above Comedy Central’s website, your TV display will refresh. You have to now have access to every the video content the app provides.

Supported Streaming Devices

The Comedy main app is sustained on all of the following streaming devices:

AndroidDevicesiOS DevicesApple TVRokuAmazon Fire TVChromecastAndroid TV

For information on watching other TV networks online inspect out: How come Stream particular TV Channels